5 Habits to Avoid to Earn More

Often we behave irrationally and believe that the habit of saving money can fix our current financial situation. But this helps only a few people. That’s because our habitual attitudes get in the way of our desire to earn more. Here are some habits you should give up to grow, build your career, and increase your income.

Denying Your Favorite Activities 

By denying yourself entertainment, delicious food, new clothes, and trips, you can really save a lot of money. But such saving leads to total destruction of your motivation to work. To get satisfaction from the work you put your time and effort into, spend money not only on essentials but also on things that give you pleasure. For example, you can buy a Netflix subscription, go on a journey with friends, play online slots, or buy your favorite books in more expensive editions.

Without these things, you will feel you are working for nothing. After all, who would be pleased to know that apart from spending money on groceries and rent you can’t afford anything?

Buying Cheap Things

Many people, faced with financial difficulties, prefer to buy cheap things, saving on quality. There is no gain in doing so: $20 sneakers will last less than a quality, more expensive pair of shoes that you can wear for years.

Your desire to save money will only turn into more frequent trips to the shop and more spending than you first thought. Buying cheap things also allows you to cheat yourself for a while. You suddenly get the idea of lowering your quality requirements, and you find yourself thinking that your salary is more than enough to cover your needs. You gradually lose the motivation to work harder to increase your income. You find it easier to accept the fact that you can find cheaper alternatives.

Reduced Quality of Life

To save money, some people take drastic measures: they reduce the quality of their lives. If their daily menu used to be full of vegetables, fruit, and meat, with the decision to start saving money, their fridge is rapidly emptying and only cheap products remain in their diet. If it is a decision to reduce the standard of living for a while until financial difficulties are overcome, there is nothing wrong with it. If this kind of behavior and wrong prioritization has become a habit, think about how to get rid of this habit, and start earning more to get back to your former way of life.

Buying Too Much Food 

Many people think that buying food for a month or a couple of weeks will help them save significantly. In reality, it doesn’t work.

First, you still have to buy food you eat daily (e.g. bread, milk, fruit, meat). Second, most of your foods may go bad before you decide to cook something. This phenomenon is not uncommon in those who buy food in excess. You have to get rid of a third of the spoiled food by buying new ones or trying to figure out how to do without them in an emergency.

This behavior can become a real psychological problem: when you receive your paycheck, you spend most of your money on groceries, and afterwards, you settle for foods that have not gone moldy, sour, or dried out. Food becomes not only a means of satisfying hunger but also a kind of entertainment. As a result, you start thinking about it more, can’t concentrate on the simplest tasks, and start performing tasks worse.

Instead of focusing on how to earn more, you spend your time and energy looking for discounts. You learn to fit in and try to secure your future against possible financial difficulties.

Forgetting About Your Health 

Even if you have to resort to austerity, never give up on medical care, medication, etc. You might save some money but you will have to invest a lot more in restoring your health in the future. Besides, don’t forget that a decline in health will affect your ability to earn money. If you want to increase your income, invest in your well-being even if you are having a hard time financially.

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October 14, 2021 5 Habits to Avoid to Earn More