5 ways to gamble responsibly

Always Play on licensed operators:

Its vital when gambling you stick solely to operators you know have licenses, gambling sites such as Dream Jackpot are perfect. You know when using their games that they are all fair and everything is accurately advertised, this means you can play without the worries of getting scammed for much lower odds. You can see if a website has a license by searching for them within the gambling commissions licensees search. Its always better to take the time to research operators before using them, or you could end up worse off.

Remember to take breaks from Gambling:

Playing gambling games excessively can become very unhealthy and in some cases, lead to an addiction. So, its important to take breaks from gambling, not only this but to keep your social life active and do other hobbies during this time to take your mind off gambling. A mixture of both short and long breaks is helpful to focus your mind on other things, remember gambling should just be used as a method of entertainment and not relied on as a source of money.

Do not gamble under the influence of alcohol or drugs:

This is an obvious one to many, but alcohol and/or drugs can have a seriously negative impact on your judgement. This meaning you could do things you wouldn’t normally do and live to regret, such as gambling much larger sums than you usually would, putting your financial security at a serious risk. Especially if you lose the bet you could end up in serious debt that may change your life for the worst forever. There’s no refunds in gambling so it would be a huge mistake to gamble while not in a state to make sensible judgements and we do not advise doing so.

Know your limits and when to stop:

Its important you only gamble exactly what you can afford and are willing to lose, so when you hit this point its vital that you stop and don’t begin to use funds that you can’t afford to lose. Even if you don’t know it yourself, its often best to listen to what people closest to you say, and if they think you should stop. Having access to your own money to live a comfortable lifestyle is much more important than the enjoyment of a game so know when to stop.

Expect to lose and treat winnings as a bonus:

Everyone know that the odds are slightly in favour of the gambling companies, they are running a business after all. So, it’s important gambling is treat just like any other activity or event you might attend, such as going to the cinema or eating out, you cant expect to get your money back at the end and these are forms of entertainment just like gambling. This will hopefully prevent you from spending damaging amounts of money and keep you as a casual gambler.



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January 16, 2018 5 ways to gamble responsibly