7 Easy Hacks to Help You Save More

Whether you’re searching for ways to save money for that perfect home among Chicago real estate, a dream vacation or something else, these easy hacks are sure to help.

Shop Alone

In a survey conducted by personal budgeting software company YouNeedaBudget.com as reported by the New York Daily News, 64% of people were found to overspend when shopping with friends, yet about the same number say they’d rather shop alone. If you want to save, the next time you go shopping, head out on your own.

Regularly Clear Your Browsing History

When you shop online comparing different prices on various sites, be sure to clear your browser and cache history, especially when searching for the best deals on airfare. Online companies follow searches based on your history and cache and they’ll raise prices based on that.

Pay in Cash

While paying in cash will obviously save you from paying interest on credit cards, it will also help you to spend less so you can save more. That’s because when you use cash, you’ll see just what you’re spending. Take this up a notch by placing cash in envelopes labeled for spending only on certain things like groceries, dining out, etc. Once the cash is gone, you’ve maxed out your budget for that category.

Make Saving Fun

While saving and fun doesn’t sound like a likely pair, it can be by using tools like SmartyPig. It turns saving into a challenge that provides motivation for watching your money grow. Or try something like the $5 savings challenge – whenever you have a $5 bill, put it in a piggy bank along with any spare change. Blogger Marie Franklin made a game about it and managed to save $38,000 over 13 years.

Kick the Fancy Coffee Shop Brews

Instead of spending $4 or $5 at Starbucks or any other fancy coffee shop, start brewing your favorite morning beverage at home and stick what you would have spent into your savings. You could potentially save thousands ever year as home brewing is around 25 cents a cup, meaning you’ll save $3.75 to $.4.75 every time.

Ask for Discounts

Remember, it never hurts to ask. When your out shopping, you may find local discounts and other opportunities to save just by asking. You may even be able to save on your credit card bills- ask how you can get a lower interest rate. Work on lowering costs with your Internet provider, cable company, cell phone company and everywhere else you can too. Don’t forget about your auto insurance company, there may be discounts you can take advantage of that haven’t been advertised. Sometimes just by doing a little comparative shopping you can come back to your agent and ask them to match a lower competitor’s rate.

Cook Up Extra and Save the Leftovers for Lunch

Dining out can get really costly – aim to eat lunch in more often simply by cooking up a little extra at dinner and saving the leftovers for lunch.


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December 12, 2018 7 Easy Hacks to Help You Save More