7 Instagram Accounts That Will Give You Financial Inspiration

Instagram is a social media platform that’s easy to get lost in. It’s fun to look at all the beautiful content scrolling through your feed. It’s also tempting to want to spend lots of money with the availability of shoppable links and the sheer consumerism you find on the site. However, you can also learn a lot through following savvy profiles in all sorts of niches. It’s even possible to discover some financial tips to help you save money and make your life better. If you’re interested in living the frugal life, consider following these seven Instagram accounts that will give you financial inspiration.

Also, if you’re just starting out on Instagram, go ahead and search for accounts to follow within your areas of interest such as finance. You can even use an Instagram follower bot service to help you gain your own followers more quickly. After all, this is a social media site. Half the fun of using it is to be social. Now, on with our list.

  1. The Financial Diet

Those looking for well-rounded financial advice on a variety of topics will appreciate the Instagram feed of The Financial Diet. Their tagline is “Earn more, spend less and live better with what you have.” These seem like pretty solid goals, right? TFD’s Instagram feed offers a vast array of content.

You’ll find a video each week covering a different theme. In addition, timely tips are sprinkled throughout the posts, along with inspirational quotes to let you know you’re on the right track and to keep you motivated toward your financial goals. The Financial Diet team strives to offer advice on finance that isn’t preaching, complicated or boring. And they’re quite successful at it.

  1. Clever Girl Finance

Instagram really is a legitimate place to find some of the best financial content around. Even Entrepreneur stands behind the platform and recommends some great inspirational accounts to follow for those in business.  Essentially, all of the financial influencers you’ll find on this list are entrepreneurs who are making a living by sharing what they know about budgeting, saving and investing. Clever Girl Finance is no exception.

This one’s aimed at the ladies and is chock full of fantastic financial advice to help women get ahead. The site’s founder, Bola Onada Sokunbi, shares her know-how and brings in guest contributors who are known for their own money moxie. Along with key financial tips, you can also sign up for Clever Girl Finance courses to delve deeper into specific subject matter.

  1. The Pennies We Saved

If you’re looking for practical advice from a real person who’s proven she can pay down her debt, you’ll want to check out Danielle from The Pennies We Saved. In her Instagram bio, you’ll see she took her debt from $73K to $0 in a span of just three years. Not too shabby. Follow her Instagram account, and you can see examples of how she did it, along with highlights from her in-depth blog posts. You’ll definitely want to visit that blog if you’re looking for ways to make flexible income working from home.

  1. The Finance Bar

Anyone looking for realistic motivational advice on being thrifty will want to visit the Instagram feed of The Finance Bar. There are quick and easy tips, along with motivational quotes. What you won’t find here is fluff. TFB aims to encourage readers to live a full life, while keeping spending to a minimum. They also don’t pull any punches and offer up some hard truths to keep you balanced.

  1. 5. Stefanie O’Connell

Even business standards like Forbes know that Instagram is where the influencers of top industries hang out. Stefanie O’Connell is a great leader to follow if you’re starting your own business and know that every dollar matters. As a millennial herself, she specializes in teaching individuals of this generation how to accomplish their entrepreneurial dreams.

  1. The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder has long been a trusted name in saving money. This online publication’s mission is to “put more money in our readers’ pockets.” They’ve been around since 2010, offering advice on quirky ways to bring in extra income, how to budget and steps to saving. Their site’s content is extensive and truly offers something for everyone. Their Instagram account follows suit with visually appealing graphics providing tips on everything from common retirement account options to which day is best to purchase airline tickets. Plan on spending some time here.

  1. Budget Bytes

If you’re a foodie who wants to eat well without going broke, you’re in luck. Budget Bytes specializes in “delicious recipes for small budgets.” We all have to eat, but good and healthy food can be expensive. Not only does this site offer cheap recipes, but you’ll find a breakdown of the cost for each. That way, you’ll be better prepared when you set your grocery budget for the week. Also, you’ll find super easy tips on how to stretch your dollar like how to get the most out of your leftover and ways to keep food fresher longer. Plus, the photos in the account are mouth wateringly beautiful.

There you have them, seven superb Instagram accounts to follow for anyone wishing for financial inspiration. Whether your goal is just to save a little money on your everyday expenses or to build a business on a budget, you’ll find a wealth of information on the pages of these Instagram money influencers.

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December 3, 2018 7 Instagram Accounts That Will Give You Financial Inspiration