Are You Concerned About Lifespan Of Your New Mattress?

After you settle the price and quality of your new mattress, the next question that comes in your mind is how long this mattress is going to last? The salesman will, however, assure you that the mattress that he is offering you is durable and long lasting. Maybe you are not ready to take his word, so seriously. You must, therefore, ask this question to a mattress expert, while you go shopping.

Whatever price you are paying for your mattress, it is going to be a significant investment and you will surely like to use it for a much longer time. The life of any mattress will largely depend upon the brand that you have selected. However, nobody can tell you accurately how long your mattress will last. Since there are lots of factors associated including how you use the mattress. Some of the mattress will lose its shape after 4 to 5 years while a number of them can last more than a decade.

On average any mattress that may cost you above the range of £450 may last for minimum six to seven years. If you do not use the mattress topper or if you are also using a box spring along with the mattress then this can significantly reduce its lifespan. However, your quality of sleep will depend upon the quality of the mattress that you have purchased. Therefore, it is necessary to replace your old mattress before its condition deteriorates.

If the condition of your mattress is not good then you may suffer from back pain and also your quality of sleep may get affected. For better health, there is a need to sleep for seven to eight hours daily so as to keep the body and mind fresh the next day.

Therefore, it is essential that you must have the right kind of mattress so that you do not develop any kind of joint pain and you get quality sleep every day. This will help you to restore your energy and also improve your immune system. That is the reason, it is important for you to know how long your mattress will last when you buy a new mattress.

How long you expect your mattress to last?

If you buy any good quality mattress and use it regularly then on average it will easily survive for 7 to 10 years. However, many families claim that their mattress has lasted for 15 years too.

As per users experience the mattress that contains innerspring does not last too long. That is because the springs used may loosen their strength after a few years. Mattresses which are made of foam or latex has a comparatively better lifespan. You can also read blogs on the website and learn about the life of various types of mattresses that are available in the market.

Let’s review the lifespan of different kinds of mattresses that are generally available in the market so that you can have a little idea about different kind of mattresses.

  • Memory foam

Let’s start with a review about memory foam as this is the most popular material used in most of the mattresses that are available in the market. These foams are little expensive too and therefore you can expect them to last much longer as compared to other.

If you sleep on a mattress that is made with memory foam, you will surely get the necessary support, comfort and sufficient cushioning. Your body weight will also remain distributed uniformly, so you will not get a feeling that you are sinking into the bed.

Memory foams can be suitable for people of all ages and weights. You may flip the mattress once in a month so that it remains in proper shape. In general, memory foam mattress can easily last for 10 years.

  • Latex mattress

Latex mattresses are available in a different level of firmness and accordingly, their cost may also vary. Latex mattresses are supposed to be the most durable among all other types of mattresses. Even if you use it regularly you can expect it to last for 15 years.

Therefore, if you want a durable mattress then it will be a good idea to invest in a mid-range latex mattress. If the top layer of the mattress is worn out then it can be easily replaced. With this kind of maintenance, you can easily use a latex mattress for more than 10 years. You must also regularly flip the mattress so that wearing out pattern remains uniform throughout.

  • Innerspring mattress

As the latex and memory foam mattresses became popular, people are not taking much interest in innerspring mattresses. Only people whose beds are pretty old and designed for innerspring mattresses buy such a mattress. The latest beds are usually designed for the use of either memory foam or latex mattresses.

Innerspring mattresses consist of a number of coil springs distributed throughout the mattress so that it can evenly distribute the weight of the person sleeping on them. These coil springs are usually made out of metallic coils.

You can surely get comfortable sleep in this kind of mattress because of these coil springs that are uniformly distributed inside the mattress however, the coil springs soon lose their strength and due to that reason at certain places, there is more sag. Even if you buy the best quality of innerspring mattress, it cannot last more than 7 to 8 years. The life of the spring also depends upon the weight of the person sleeping on them.

  • Hybrid mattress

Many people may recommend you to buy hybrid mattresses as it is the combination of memory foam and latex mattresses along with the property of innerspring. You can get excellent support and comfort.

The life of such mattresses largely depends upon the quality of the core material that has been used.

By using polyfoams the lifespan can be enhanced to a certain extent. However, it has been found that a hybrid mattress does not last more than 6 years. The cost of such mattresses may also be bit higher.

  • Air mattress

To decide the lifespan of an air mattress is very difficult. This type of mattress is meant for those whose sleeping needs are special and it needs good maintenance. Such beds are suitable for small children or pets.

The life of such a mattress will largely depend upon the toughness of the outer material. Usually, we have seen that its life is anything between 3 to 5 years. Air leaking problem is very common in such mattresses.

  • Waterbeds

The life of waterbed will depend upon how you take care about it. If you want to resolve your hip or joint pain problem then it is not the right choice. Also, you will not get enough support or comfort and the quality of sleep will also not be very good either.

  • Futon

In East Asian countries futon mattress is commonly used. Such kind of mattress has the shortest lifespan. If you take very good care then you can extend its life up to maximum 5 years.

This type of mattress does not offer enough comfort and not very suitable for elderly people and also young children. Therefore, it is not a smart choice to buy such a mattress. You can at the most use it for your guests as a backup.

Factors that influence the lifespan of a mattress

In the above, we have given a rough idea about the lifespan of various kinds of mattresses. However, the lifespan of any mattress depends upon a number of factors. Following are a few of them:

  • Frequency of usage

More you use your mattress the more its life will get reduced. If you use it in a very rough manner then you will further reduce its lifespan. Also, if you do not maintain them properly then no matter, how much you have spent on your mattress, its life will get reduced.

  • Activity

Many people often do different work by sitting on the bed. This will surely reduce the lifespan. Beds are only meant for sleeping and if you restrict to that activity only you can extend its life.

  • The weight of a person sleeping on a mattress

If your body weight is heavy then the life of your mattress will certainly be less than any other user whose bodyweight is lesser.

  • Maintenance

Last but not least, proper maintenance can certainly extend the life of any kind of mattresses. Therefore, you need to keep it clean and follow all the instructions that are recommended by the manufacturer regarding the maintenance of the mattress.

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