Sex Doll Owner: The End of The Stigma

OK, let’s face it, no matter how unphased you get by other people’s opinions, chances are that you will feel awkward owning a lifesize sex doll that you, like, have sex with. I get you and I want you to know that it’s alright to feel that way. 

In the current state of society, folks who buy sex dolls are viewed as sad loners who can’t get a date, or as perverts. However, both you and I know that neither of those is true, and that’s why, today, I’d like to dedicate an entire article to this problem. 

I’ll try to clear out some misconceptions about doll owners (or, shall I say, lovers), and help people overcome their insecurities.

The Place of Sex Toys in 21st Century Society

Ever since the sexual liberation of the past century, we’ve witnessed the breaking of many taboos. Remember that in your grandparents’ generation, which was not so long ago, even talking about masturbation was frowned upon, regardless of the fact that everyone was doing it!

Fast forward to the present moment, and you’ve got pornography constantly available right there in your pocket. Sex toys like vibrators and dildoes are as common as frying pans in many (mostly) single women’s lives, and guess what – all of this is seen as entirely normal!

Now pay attention – sex dolls are the (straight) guy’s vibrator. 

OK, this came out bad. 

My point is, these dolls offer you, the man, the kind of pleasure that a vibrator does to a girl. They are still taboo just because of their size and the inconvenient fact that you can’t store them in a drawer. To be fair, you have a smaller alternative – the pocket vagina, but why settle for less when you can have a lifesize supermodel ready for sex 24/7?

Things are looking bright, and understanding this fully is what’s going to help you get rid of the embarrassment of owning a doll.

Thank the Tech

The advancement of technology has paved the way for the creation of dolls that look and feel almost entirely human. New materials such as TPE 3, opened up an entire world of possibilities for the sex toy industry, and this is just the beginning.

AI-powered sex dolls are what comes next. No, scratch that, they’re already here. Just imagine having a luscious, curvalicious babe that can talk to you, but that obeys your commands 100% of the time. Is there anything hotter than that?

As you can see, there’s plenty of development happening, and that can only mean one thing – the dolls are selling. You see, for companies to invest time and money into some product, there’s got to be a demand, and I think it’s clear by now that the demand for sex dolls exists.

Not only does it exist, but it is increasing, and you can be sure that the manufacturers will do whatever they can to popularize these products until they squish the last bit of taboo out of them. With popularity comes normalization, and widespread acceptance is right around the corner, which is great news for you!

How can we know that sex dolls sales are increasing? I don’t have insights into any company’s figures, but I can see that there are more and more retailers, such as MadamDolly, and this is proof enough.

The Road to Mainstream Acceptance: What’s the hold-up?

“Someday, there will come a time when everyone will have their very own sex doll.”

Well, probably not, but we’re sure that many people will. What’s more important than how many folks will own the dolls is that they will become entirely normalized. However, we still have a long way to go, and now I’d like to discuss what’s holding us back.

The Price

First off, these things are pretty expensive, and you know how complicated the relationship between money and sex is. Even cheap sex dolls can’t be considered cheap in the general sense of the word, so a person who’s willing to spend $1000 on a sex toy will inevitably seem strange in the public eye.

But, is such an attitude justifiable? Is this too much money for a sex doll? Let’s do some math. Think about how much folks spend on trivial sexual commodities like porn site memberships, cheap sex toys that need to be replaced often, or even a night at the local strip club. We’ll easily get to a $1000 mark in less than a year!

Isn’t it better to spend that kind of money on a long-lasting, pleasure-providing, absolutely incredible sex doll? Of course, it is! Even your wife would agree with me. 

Short disclaimer: if you’re married, please consult your spouse before purchasing a doll. Thank you. 

Think of it this way, a sex doll is a long-term investment in your happiness, as it will provide you with limitless sex, and there’s nothing that can top that.

The Discreteness

If money ain’t a thing in your case, then let’s move onto the next “inconvenient” truth – the dolls’ size. Like I mentioned earlier, this isn’t something that you’ll be able to keep in a drawer or under the pillow. However, if your bed is tall enough, you might be able to cram it under, but I wouldn’t recommend it because you might damage the doll.

Sex dolls require a lot of space, and they need to be stored away carefully. This means that it’ll be impossible to hide it from your wife or girlfriend, or any other person that walks freely around your home.


Like with most other things in life, the change needs to happen in you before you can see it in the world. Some wise person said this a long time ago. If you’re positive, honest, and open about wanting to buy a sex doll, or already owning one, then people will recognize this and accept it. In case they don’t – worry not, you’ll still be getting all that sex!

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March 27, 2020 Sex Doll Owner: The End of The Stigma