Four Things to Consider Before You Renovate Your Home

A home renovation can do a world of wonder for the current standard of your living space. It can make old things new again, and make you feel excited to live there once again. In addition, it can help significantly with resale value. Yet, there are a few things to consider before beginning a home renovation project.

Check Your Budget

It is critical to do your homework when it comes to funding a reno. According to Hearth, home improvement loans might be the better option over cash–especially if you have a damaged home, own a fixer-upper or need to renovate immediately.

You just can’t wait months or years to save up enough money for your renovation. Still, you want to make sure you spend your money wisely. Talk to people who have completed similar renovations. Do a lot of window shopping and cost comparisons before you even begin.

You don’t want to spend more than is needed just because you don’t know where you can get the same look for less. Nonetheless, you also want to add an extra 20 percent for any potential issues that may come up.

You have to be prepared for the unexpected and have some allowances in your budget to cover them.

Look for the Right Contractor

It is really important to find a contractor who understands exactly what you want. There just isn’t enough money to cover a nightmare. The good news is you can find excellent contractors on various sights, that also provide reviews.

On the other hand, ask your friends and colleagues for referrals. Word of mouth should be the first route to finding the best contractor for your project. If you can’t find a good referral, then search online.

Keep It Real

You should always shoot for the stars, but you also want to be realistic about your budget and what you can do with your existing home. Picking a random picture out of a magazine isn’t going to do it. If you can’t afford a marble bathroom, then just don’t do it.

Yet, if you really, really need and want all that marble then see if you can do the renovation in stages. Don’t go over budget and continue to pay it off for years.

Keep in mind that our tastes and preferences can and do change. What’s popular today won’t be so popular tomorrow. It’s always best to work within your budget and resources.

Renovate how you want, within those parameters, but also stick to a few classic looks that will stand the test of time.

Research as Much as Possible

You really need to have a clear understanding of what you can expect. Save photos of rooms you love. Window shop online and elsewhere to see what’s new.

Figure out where you can get beautiful decor and furnishings for less. Get a general idea of how you want your space to look and feel. If you need help, you might consider hiring an interior designer.

Final Thought

A home renovation is a big project that can certainly be well worth it. Just make sure you have done your research and have the necessary funding.


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July 17, 2017 Four Things to Consider Before You Renovate Your Home