How to Acquire a Prestigious Office Address at a Huge Discount


If you’re a solo entrepreneur or the owner of a small company, it can be daunting to jump into the business arena with larger companies. Big power players in your market may have a big presence because of their resources and their professional presentation.  It can be intimidating.

The good news is that by using a virtual office, a smaller or new company can improve its image almost immediately.  A virtual office gives you the professional presence you need to give your company the respect it deserves.

What Makes an Office Building Prestigious?

A prestigious building is an admired building.  That admiration could arise from several factors: an award-winning or historic architecture, location in the business district and/or the status of the tenants.

For example, the Two International Finance Centre is an iconic office building located on Hong Kong Island.  This towering obelisk is instantly recognisable all over the world.  Office space in this business district of Hong Kong is at a premium, so the cost for leases on these offices would be at the very high end of an already highly priced market.

Why do You Want a Prestigious Office Address?

If you’re in the market for an upscale location, finding the most impressive location for the best value is your ultimate goal.  And in a market like Hong Kong, having a highly respected business address is even more important than it may be in other parts of the world.  In Hong Kong, having an office in a prominent building conveys the same character onto your business.  In other words, if you do business in a highly respected location, your company is probably highly respected as well.

How do You Get a Great Office Address at a Great Price?

The best and easiest way to get a great office at a great price is to lease a virtual office.  Virtual offices offer the extreme flexibility of living and working in one place and having your business address in another. Because a great virtual office provider will have offices in the best buildings in each city, it makes sense to thoroughly research virtual office packages until you find one that delivers the services and the location you need.

How do You Get a Lot of Great Buildings at One Price?

No matter where you are located in the world, if you have a great virtual office package, you can meet almost anywhere in the world, and at the very best places.

If you’d like to meet business acquaintances in London, you can arrange a meeting room through the company that manages your virtual office. One company offers meeting rooms at the amazing Devonshire House in Mayfair, a landmark building on a historic site, which sold in 2013 for 670 million dollars. And if you need a meeting in Paris, this same company has offices and meeting rooms available at the George V, THE iconic Parisian hotel.

Research the virtual office companies carefully to find the one that gives you the most flexibility and most availability all over the world.  By using their network of real buildings for your in-person business meetings, you add a level of global prestige to your brand.

A Word of Caution…

Be wary of renting just a virtual office address.  Some firms promise to promote the appearance of big business at a fraction of the cost of a regular office, but they can’t offer professional receptionists, IT support, business systems services or meeting rooms in buildings around the world.

The best-kept secret for getting a great business address at a very reasonable price is to use a virtual office.  With a prestigious address for your company, meeting rooms all over the world, and the respect that comes with both, your business could be well on its way to international success.


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September 23, 2016 How to Acquire a Prestigious Office Address at a Huge Discount