Saving Money With Smart Furniture Decisions

For better or worse, some of the major purchases that you’re going to make in your lifetime are probably going to be furniture. Some part of that equation is the passing of time and the life milestone of finally being able to afford an expensive couch. Other times, it’s about paying more to get to a greater degree of comfort.

But, there are ways to get that same degree of happiness, function, and style, without necessarily breaking the bank. Consider the following five ways to save money with smart furniture decisions, including using financing wisely, finding low-cost DIY projects, shopping at thrift stores, remember about cleaning and maintenance, and learning to extend the life of items.

Use Financing Wisely

With major furniture purchases, different types of financing are available. There are different lengths of time, different percentages of interest, and sometimes even things like a store credit card can make a difference. The ideal way to purchase furniture to avoid overpaying is to make sure that whatever type of financing you choose, you can pay it off in entirety before interest kicks in, or at least high interest, which will really start becoming less worth it at that point.

Find Low-cost DIY Projects

There are a number of low-cost DIY furniture projects as well, that not only save you money, but allow you to flex your creative muscles. In addition, with just a few projects like this, you can have a home design theme that is completely unique and based on your personality and skills rather than on someone else’s idea of what looks good or is comfortable.

Head To Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are absolutely one of the best places to go shopping for furniture. Items that normally cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars will be there for less than $100, and all you have to do is know how to clean them up a bit, and you’ll have saved all that money simply by being a little flexible. Especially for young adults looking to turning a first home or apartment, this is a great idea!

Consider Cleaning and Maintenance

When making furniture purchases, to keep costs down, remember to think about cleaning and maintenance. Is it made of materials that need to get cleaned regularly if you have pets or kids that spill things? Maybe consider some a bit more rugged then, to avoid those costs.

Learn To Extend the Life of Items

And finally, sometimes rather than buying new furniture, you simply should take the time to repurpose old stuff you have. When you buy one new couch, move your old one someplace else that freshens up the look. For instance, an older living room couch could easily go down into a finished basement, saving money in the process.


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January 26, 2016 Saving Money With Smart Furniture Decisions