Why investment property off plan is a good idea


There can be many arguments to off the plan investments. Of course, everything comes with its pros and cons and while making this sort of an investment can be exponentially risky, if you make a well informed buy it could be one of the most profitable investments you make.

In regards to investment property off plan Melbourne, John Carfi says, an investment of this sort could be rather profitable if you buy wisely.

When talking of off property investments it must be noted that you are basically buying unseen property so you must ensure that the contractors and builders and developers involved have a reputable name in the city and a good track record as well, because the returns from this property depends on the efficiency and skill which this development is undertaken as well as the timing with which it is delivered. However, flipping the property does not hold favourable odds for the investor. Managing to flip the property in the long run can prove very favourable when investing and selling future properties. Because you are investing in unseen property the initial buy in price is obviously reduced to a much lower price than it may be valued at when the property is completed and in this way the value for money automatically increases over time. There are also hefty tax benefits with owning investment property especially when it is new, but this should not be the sole concern.

Off the plan investments also cancel out the mortgage factor which fits very well for ones pocket and cuts a huge chunk of money out of the matter and is thus, generally more affordable.  Investment property off plan Sydney has one of the highest value projects of about $500 million in Metro Residences which is scheduled for completion in March it also has over 27 developments with more than 100 units underway or being proposed. Even though buying off plan properties are rarely done and can be extremely risky, making a well informed decision can be extremely beneficial as not only do you get discounted prices because the developer is trying to secure more pre-sales but the décor and arrangement is completely up to you; from the colours, tiles, fixtures and fittings everything is in your hands with the added money from the tax deductions when the building is finally completed. Thus, the benefits are worth the risk involved.

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September 3, 2014 Why investment property off plan is a good idea