A Guide to Help You Find Secured Loans


Before you decide to take out a secured loan, you should learn a little bit about what these financial products are. You must be aware of the fact that lenders are not generous, and they don’t lend out of the goodness of their heart. Rather, they do so because they can make money out of it. What you also need to know is that when you take out a secured loan, you put a piece of your own assets at risk. If you don’t pay the loan back, the lender will come and repossess it.


Going through repossession is painful and embarrassing and it should be avoided at all costs. This is why you must be aware of the fact that securing a loan means that you are effectively handing over ownership of your property for the duration of your loan. This does not mean that you can suddenly be forced to sell, but rather that if you do not hold up your end of responsibilities, the lender will take what effectively belongs to them back.

Things to Know about Secured Loans

Before you decide to look for and apply for secured loans, there are a few things you should do to prepare yourself. This includes:

  • Working out how much you need. In most cases, secured personal loans, particularly homeowner loans, are for reasonably high amounts. Hence, if you only need a few hundred to tie you over, you may want to look for a different construction.
  • Working out how much equity you have. You will need to put some sort of property up as collateral and you can never borrow the full value of that equity. This is because, if you don’t pay it back and the lender has to repossess, they also want to make sure that they get the costs back. So, for instance, if you opt for a title loan, where you secure it against your vehicle, you will only be able to get around 50% of the value of your car.
  • Finding out your credit rating. Although secured loans are reasonably easy to obtain, even for people who have bad credit, because of the collateral, it doesn’t mean that any secured loan is yours for the taking. There are various secured loan options specific to people with bad credit, such as title loans, but these are also more expensive.

Once you know all these details, you can start looking for lenders. There are many different lenders out there, so it may take you a little while to find the one that is best for you. The APR is very important, as this will tell you how much you pay back overall. Generally speaking, the worse your credit rating is, the higher the APR will be as well. However, by shopping around and comparing the market, you should be able to find a rate that is at least affordable. Always think carefully before you apply for any type of financial product, however.


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April 28, 2015 A Guide to Help You Find Secured Loans