Causes of a bad Credit

Sometime during our financial life, we make mistakes that we cannot avoid, which can eventually lead to a bad credit. This is a very common nowadays. A lot of people would ask how to repair or eliminate a poor credit history, but to do this they first have to understand the decisions that they make that can cause bad credit.

Rising cost of living

Because almost everything is rising except for the paychecks, people tend to turn to their credit cards for purchasing their needs and even luxuries. And this can then result in increased debt.

Credit card debt

This is a very delinquent situation in most parts of the world. Because credit card companies charge different fees that can be very high and the interest adds up really fast, people can no longer keep up with the payment and this can contribute to a bad credit.

Late payments

Of course, if you can no longer keep up with your monthly bills, you will end up delaying your payment. This is one factor that greatly adds up to a bad credit. Even a single missed payment should not be overlooked at all. Apart from the higher interest rate that can accumulate, this will also be visible to your credit report and can initiate a bad credit.

Exceeding your credit limit

Going over your allowed credit limit is definitely one cause of a bad credit. That is why it is always best to check your remaining or available balance before deciding to purchase anything using your credit cards. Exceeding your credit limit can result into higher monthly fees plus additional charges, leading to bad credit.

Unpaid bills and loans in the past

Your past payment history is still considered when looking at your financial credibility. If you have an unsettled bill during college or a student loan that has not been fully paid yet, then expect a bad credit history.

There are definitely a lot of factors that can lead you to a bad credit. But obviously, these things can be avoided if a person knows how to be responsible enough for his bills and dues. Instead of ignoring them, why not contact your bank or credit card companies for an alternative payment option. There is definitely a way out of a bad credit if you know how to communicate and negotiate well. If a payment cannot be made, notify them immediately and ask for a longer or a different term. They will surely be more than willing to assist you because they are happier to help a customer who is paying than someone who is running away from them.

A bad credit actually does not have to be that bad. All you have to do is just recognize and understand the signs and causes of a bad credit. You should also contact Your Personal Financial Mentor in order to take guidance about how to manage your credit effectively and avoid the common mistakes. This will surely help you to understand how to prevent a bad credit from happening or to at least minimize it.

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November 21, 2013 Causes of a bad Credit