Understanding Your Credit Report

If you are someone who is always availing loan of different types, then you are most probably aware of the importance of a credit report. A credit report contains all the necessary information regarding your credit history. This is also used as a reference by banks and other financial institutions to check how you have been performing financially.

It is very essential to check your credit report regularly. And because there is always a possibility that some information may be wrong or inaccurate, it is recommended to monitor it at least 2-4 times a year. An example of such information can be your credit card transactions. It is wise to check this information as one single mistake can automatically affect your credit report. Also, take advice of Your Personal Financial Mentor because he can help you manage your credit report in order to improve your credit worthiness and build a good credit history.

You should also be aware of a rampant crime that is increasing nowadays which is the Identity Theft. It can only take several minutes or even seconds for these people to steal your information and they can immediately cause severe damage to your credit report. Any strange or inaccurate activity on your report can be associated with identity theft so you should be very wary of this.

Aside from that, financial institutions, lenders and banks will usually check on your credit report before approving any of your applications such as an auto loan, home mortgage or even when you are looking to rent an apartment. Of course, if your credit report shows clean and responsible activities, you will never have a hard time availing these services whenever you need it.

There has been a new federal law that requires major credit reporting agencies to provide one free report every year. If you wish to review yours on a more regular basis, you will have to order directly from the agencies via the following ways:

  • Through their websites
  • By phone
  • By mail

Fees may differ from state, but it should not cost you any higher that $10 to get a copy of your credit report. Some agencies may even allow you to look at your report online which appears to be more convenient nowadays.

Checking your report frequently minimizes the risk of identity theft, and at the same time you are able to manage your own credit score. It is ideal to look at your report first before deciding on a large purchase such as an auto loan, home mortgage or a business loan. This will make you aware of where you currently stand as far as your credibility is concerned. As you can see, it is really important to carefully manage and monitor your credit report to ensure a smooth financial ability.

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November 20, 2013 Understanding Your Credit Report