How to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck


If you have once had that feeling when you used your last ten dollars for food and your next salary payment will be got in two days, than you can relax because you are not alone. This problem is quite known to many people. But this is not an excuse for such financial situation. According to the latest survivor most people do not have so much money on their saving accounts  to cover six month of living or reduction from job.
If you try to search the possible variants to change this situation, you will get a big list of things you should not do. The most obvious of them are:
– Make a budget and do not spend more
– Decrease your spending
– Control your budget.
Such financial actions are logic and need a lot of strength to reduce your expenses and change your life style. But for someone they can seem too difficult, so there should be some really easy steps to having healthy financial life. And here we can offer you small recommendations you can use every day, but have your life not changed so dramatically.
Make savings.
You need to understand that saving is the only money you pay to yourself. It is your contribution in your financial stability. So make sure that you have saving account and make regular payments to it. Also you can set an automatic transfer from your salary account to the saving one. This will help you to have enough money on some unpredictable life situation. If you think that you cannot save money, because your salary is too low, begin with some small amounts. You can save a charge or just some dollars a day. Then you will make a habit and it will not be a problem anymore.
Also you may think about using UK online pay day loans at SterlingStore in a case of some financial emergency. This will help to leave your budget unhurt and make necessary payments on time.
Make a shopping day
You need to determine one day for shopping and have a list of all necessary purchases. Make sure that you do not buy anything else and your list consists only of items you really need. This will help you to avoid everyday spending, when you want to buy some milk and then have a full package of the other products you were not going to buy. Also you can buy many items on sale and have some discount for one day big purchase.
Have some entertainments
You should not reduce all your activity and eating outside. You can just spend one night of your weekend outside and the other one relax at home. With such approach you will have necessary social life and still manage to save some money.

You can create other recommendations for yourself and share your thoughts. The only thing you need to understand that it is too hard to change your life at one moment and become a saving person. So be kind to yourself and take your real possibilities into consideration. Also you may try to tell your friend about your determination. This will have some motivating factor and you would like to show your best managing your finance.

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January 30, 2015 How to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck