Pay by Mobile vs Regular Deposit Slot Games

Welcome to 2020, where we have a whole bunch of different ways to do everything. That boils down to the world of online casinos now, too, as you can pay for your deposit in more than one way for sure. 

As well as the traditional method for depositing on online slot games, which is just to type in your card details and choose an amount, you can now pay with all kinds of technology including Apple or Android Pay or PayPal. This makes life a lot easier and saves a bunch of time, too. 

Another breakthrough that’s a little more specific to online casinos is the introduction of deposit by mobile. This means that you can use your phone contract bill, or credit if you are a Pay as you Go customer, to place your deposits. 

Benefits of Regular Deposits 

Being able to use Apple Pay, Android Pay or PayPal, or even Autofill for your card details, kind of eradicates the speed that is made up using Pay by Mobile slots. So, if you have these things at your disposal, you’re probably going to be spending the same amount of time either way. 

It’s also easier to see how much you’ve spent using your card, as checking your bank balance seems to be a more regular practice than that of your phone bill. 

Benefits of Pay by Mobile 

That being said, most mobile networks offer apps these days where you can quickly see, in real time, how much you are spending on your phone bill. So, it’s quite easy to check for most people. Plus, if you don’t have access to the likes of Android Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal etc. then you are still going to be able to save a bunch of time using this method of deposit. 

It’s worth remembering that not all online casinos offer the option to Pay by Mobile just yet, so if you feel like this is the right deposit method for you, we recommend double checking that your casino of choice offers this service. If not, there are tonnes of great Pay by Mobile casinos out there that specialise in it, and some of them offer some amazing welcome bonuses too, so just remember that you are never restricted to just the one casino. 

The Deciding Call on Pay by Mobile vs Regular Deposit 

At the end of the day… it’s subjective. It is really dependent on what your personal needs and preferences are, as as previously discussed, each of these different methods of deposits will suit people differently. 

Personally, we still prefer to pay with the traditional method except with the introduction of Apple Pay or Android Pay or even PayPal. But if you like the idea of Pay by Mobile, it’s out there for the taking. 

Plus, both methods are generally very secure. Just make sure that you are depositing with a regulated and well trusted casino.

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February 3, 2021 Pay by Mobile vs Regular Deposit Slot Games