Online Slots vs Other Casino games

When deciding what games to play in a casino online, there are many factors that can influence a player’s decision. Things such as payout, ease of play and what bonuses will be available should all be considered by players before they make their decision.  

Slots can be Volatile 

A major drawback of some online slot games is the fact that they can be incredibly volatile. If a slot is described as being volatile this means that it is an incredibly risky game for players, it is unlikely to payout to players within a short time. If players are willing to go without winning for a while and be patient, volatile slots will payout and that payout will be bigger than less volatile slots.  Other casino games have a much less unpredictable nature, there is more strategy involved so there is a lessened risk of players experiencing a losing streak when compared to online slots. 

Easier to play

Online slots are much easier to understand and play when compared to other casino games. Part of the massive appeal of online slots is the ease of which anybody can play them, no matter what their skill level is. By comparison, table based casino games involve a lot of rules which can be confusing for newer players. There are also strategies that players must learn if they want to win in table based games, something which is not necessary with online slots. Players can play a game of online slots for a few minutes of the day whereas with other casino games they need to be able to commit for a longer time. Online slots also have an autoplay feature, this means that players won’t even have to press a single button and can instead sit back and relax whilst the reels are spinning. 

More Expensive 

Initially, it may seem as if other casino games are much more expensive to play than online slots. Online slot players are used to paying as low as 25p for spins, this is not counting the large amount of free spins that online slots offer players. By comparison, other casino games such as Blackjack will require a minimum bet that players need to place in order to be able to play. This bet is typically a lot more money than it would cost to play an online slot. However the biggest difference is in how much money the player will lose, as table based casino games will have a lower average of loss per hour than an online casino does. This is because table based casino games have a lower house advantage than slot machines do. The average RTP of slot games is around 95%, which may sound good but is actually much lower than other casino games, for example Blackjack has an RTP of 99%! 


For players who prefer a quick and easy game, online slots would be perfect for them. For the players who enjoy a complex game and are willing to stake more money, other casino games like Blackjack will suit them better. Both styles of game have their benefits and should be enjoyed by all players!

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February 3, 2021 Online Slots vs Other Casino games