Why Have Online Casinos Become So Popular?

Casinos and more difficult financial times typically don’t go hand in hand as a pairing that would usually be thought of, but over the past year in particular many online casinos have managed to boom in popularity with reports of a surge in new users and many new operators registering their own services online too – but during a time of uncertainty, what has led to online casinos becoming so popular, both in the past year and over the past few years where much of the growth has been seen?

Attitudes towards gaming have changed ­– Perhaps the most impactful change that has allowed online casinos to grow is within changing attitudes toward gaming as a whole – where once the practice was a bit niche targeted at a select demographic, that demographic has since changed and is much wider than before attracting audiences of all ages and genders. With something as familiar and available as casinos too, it is able to attract a growing audience without being too focussed on one interest and will continue to be a reason why these services in particular grow in the future too.

The Streisand effect – This phenomenon occurs when attempts to hide or censor information often brings more attention to that specific subject – over the past few years there have been concerns that growing numbers of players could lead to an online gambling pandemic and efforts have been made to make some online gambling options more difficult – the introduction of initiatives such as Gamstop which aim to reduce participation, the ban on credit card betting and gambling in the UK for example, and restrictions to advertising options intended to reduce attention paid to these service has had the opposite effect as many sites here have been able to benefit greatly from attempts to slow the growth which has instead accelerated it.

New and easy features – The hallmark of providing a good service that people want to use has always been in finding something easier and better than other alternatives – for gaming in this example, pirating had always been a big issue until an easier to use service like Steam brought change. For online casinos, the same is true – being able to access games with the tap of your finger, instant deposit and immediate pay-outs, and many other big gaming features have helped separate online services from offline services, and have helped these online options become a platform that’s easier and better to use than alternatives – as new features continue to be developed and implemented too, this will continue to ring true a be a primary driver in moving the online casino space forward.

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February 4, 2021 Why Have Online Casinos Become So Popular?