4 Ways to Improve How Your Business Manages Its Online Pretence

It’s a fact that most SMEs lack the in-house skills to effectively manage their website, social media accounts, and other facets of the online profile of their business. This casts smaller organisations in the shadow of the big corporations and conglomerates that dwarf their online budget and online know-how.

Here are four ways to catch up by improving what your business is currently doing online.

Redesigning/Relaunching a Website

When was the last time that your company’s web site was updated with a custom design? Or, even a free or paid designed theme that is sold publicly? If you’re like most SMEs, the answer is several years ago, which is far too long. Business moves quickly and designs that appeared modern with good usability a handful of years ago now look positively antiquated.

It’s time to get in touch with a web design Coventry company and refresh the principal way that customers view your business online. Fix contact pages that no longer function correctly, swap out dated photos, and improve the company’s first impression dramatically.

Logo Anyone?

What does your logo look like? It may have worked fine on a flat letterhead for years, but it might be the case that it doesn’t look great when compared to the professionally designed ones your competitors are using.

Logos are available from quality designers who specialise in coming up with creative ideas that approach the concept of the business visually in a new and original way.

Engaging Customers on Social Media

SMEs find managing their social media channels to be mostly a chore. They feel that there’s little ROI to providing updated content on Facebook and other social media platforms that it’s already available on the company website. The reality is that not every potential customer has reached your website or even knows it exists yet.

Meeting potential (and existing) customers where they are, offering something of value and enticing them into moving across to your website, where you can present your value offering more completely, is an excellent way to bring in new customers (and boost sales to existing customers) using online technology.

Content can always be repurposed by rewriting existing articles into snippets with the option to click through to your website to read the entire article. The time it takes to do so isn’t extensive and depending on the price point of your product or service offering, it could be a very profitable use of appropriate company resources.

Guest Posting on Niche-relevant Sites

Another excellent way to pull in new customers is to impress them by penning a guest post on a well-known industry publication. The level of readership and interest is likely to be high for topical, relevant and interesting content that also links back to your company page usually in the author’s profile.

There is always more that can be done to improve what a small business is currently doing online to represent their business better and spread the word in a more affordable way than pure advertising. It just takes a little bit of creativity to get fast results and accelerate business growth.

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August 10, 2017 4 Ways to Improve How Your Business Manages Its Online Pretence