4 Ways to Use your Money Management Skills at when Raising Money



If you are in charge of a fundraiser, you will want to ensure you make the most of your time. It is important to have money management skills that can help make the most of any funds that are raised. Knowing ways to put your financial knowledge to work when you are in charge of getting cash for your charity or organization may be helpful.

Create a Donation Policy

Getting people to donate a set amount of money for the fundraiser is ideal. This can help you know in advance how much you may be able to raise. For instance, by setting up a goal of 100 people giving $100 each can help you earn $10,000. This is a substantial amount that can be used to help others or work towards researching a cure for the disease.

Consider rewarding your donors with a small plaque or an honorable mention when the listing how the money was raise

Set Minimum Limits

If you are in charge of a large fundraiser, you may only want to accept higher donation amounts. This is common for some organizations that need a great deal of money to complete many tasks.

Consider setting a minimum amount that will be acceptable, such as $50 or so to avoid doing the necessary paperwork on smaller contributions

Create a Plan

One way to assist with your fundraising efforts and work to meet any of the goals you have set is by creating a business plan to help you do so. Take into account how much money is necessary to do what your organization or charity wishes to achieve.

Creating a plan will allow you to determine how many people you need to contribute how much money for you to be successful with your fundraising efforts.

Advertise Online

These days most people have instant access to the outside world in the home. You may be more successful in reaching your goals by creating a website and asking people to donate online. This is sure to increase the amount of your exposure and can be helpful in getting you noticed.

Be sure to let others know about your website and why you are attempting to raise money in the first place. This may be effective in helping others understand why cash is needed in the first place.

It’s simple to apply your money management skills to all areas of life, and these may be extremely helpful when you are working to raise money. Take the time to come up with an effective plan and do your research to get the cash you need today!


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March 9, 2015 4 Ways to Use your Money Management Skills at when Raising Money