5 Degrees to Invest in for Maximum Returns  

Obtaining a graduate degree can be a great way to increase your earning potential and widen your career prospects. The key is to find a program that offers graduates higher starting salaries and top growth possibilities. Certain career sectors are slated to grow more than average in the next few decades, and you can secure your future with a graduate degree in some of these fields. Here are five advanced degrees to look into when you are evaluating programs that give you the most for your money.

1. Computer Science
One place to start looking for when you want to study a topic that could help you land a great job with a high salary is within computer science. Getting an advanced degree in computer science is a smart way to learn top skills that many employers need for their company’s success. It’s entirely possible to have a salary of six figures if you focus on learning more than just the basics of computer science.

2. Healthcare Management
Healthcare management is another possibility for those who want to get the most out of their graduate degree program. The need for capable and skilled administrators in medical practices, healthcare facilities, and hospitals may grow as the next generation of people age. Some students elect to go into a program that combines the principles of healthcare with the business knowledge of an MBA. Should you invest in an online healthcare mba? The answer is a resounding yes if you want to position yourself as an expert in this growing industry.

3. Taxation
As the new presidential administration begins to take office in 2017, many people will be watching the country’s tax code and regulations for big changes. It may be smart to consider being part of an advanced degree program in taxation to help equip yourself to be an expert in some of these new directives. Additionally, the need for tax professionals continues to rise as more people opt for better financial advice from a pro. This infographic from Northeastern University’s taxation program goes into further detail.

4. Economics
Another top degree to think about for your future job outlook is an advanced degree in economics. Having this credential can help you get closer to the top positions of leadership in economic policy in the private and public sector. This way, you can make sure your skills could always be in demand.

5. Pharmacy
The pharmaceutical industry is also a great sector that is positioned for intense growth in the near future. As the need for additional healthcare services continues to rise, more patients will need access to prescription drug treatments and therapies. Students who choose an advanced degree in pharmacology or another branch of this field may learn the necessities for becoming a pharmacist. Pharmacists enjoy high salaries, strong job security, and plenty of opportunities for new working environments or advancement.
Continuing your education beyond your undergraduate studies may make great financial sense depending on the focus of your program. Research the salary outlook and the job potential for your specialization to see if your program is worth your time and money.

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November 30, 2016 5 Degrees to Invest in for Maximum Returns