How Good Quality Mattresses Help To Relax During Work Pressure

Most of the people must be unaware of the fact that a person usually spends more than one third of his/her life sleeping. Even after this, we don’t prepare our bedrooms for appropriate comfort.

As per a survey, it has been found that about 90 percent of the respondents feel that a comfortable mattress is imperative for relieving stress and tension.

A wrong mattress may affect your performance at workplace by making you unable to sleep properly. This guide will tell you on how the wrong mattress may affect your sleep and thereby work performance.

Ways in Which Mattresses Affect Your Sleep

  • Affecting Your Stress Levels

As per a study conducted in the year 2009, about 60 healthy women and men slept for a month on their normal mattresses, then for another month they slept on new and comfortable mattresses.

After this, they were individually asked to note their stress levels on the basis of factors such as racing thoughts, worrying, nervousness, headaches, irritability, trembling and so on. They mentioned that the new beds provided them relief from stress and improved their sleep quality by decreasing the body pain.

  •  Allergy Issues

There is multiple dust mites piled up in your old mattresses. These mites add on dead skin cells on your body. Washing your pillowcases and bed sheets can assist you in getting rid of these dust mites. However, this solution may not work well in case your mattress is more than 7 years old.

The weight of such mattresses gets double due to piling up of dust particles. Henceforth it becomes important to change mattresses in such cases. If you are looking for guidance online, you’ll appreciate the in-depth knowledge brings to their reviews.

  • Tossing And Turning Whole Night

In case, you keep on tossing and turning for the whole night, it’s a sign that your mattress is not providing you enough comfort. If not this, and you sleep more comfortably on a hotel bed, your mattress is no longer supportive.

  • Your Mattress Can Keep You Up For Office Work

It has been mentioned by experts that the bedroom should be reserved exclusively for sleep. However, if your bed is not comfortable, you may rather prefer to do your office work than sleep on it. A soft and comfy mattress makes you sleep as you lay on it. Therefore, if you are facing such a situation, go for a mattress shopping now!

  • Mattress Firmness

There is no benchmark about the firmness and softness of a mattress. A 200 pound person may describe a bed as soft, but the same may be firm for a 100 pound person. Therefore, it’s all dependent upon your body weight. You should try sleeping on mattress before you buy it. This will ensure that you are buying a mattress as per your comfort level.


In any case, price is the second consideration after comfort. Therefore, while you buy a mattress don’t forget to compare the price from more than two suppliers.

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December 6, 2016 How Good Quality Mattresses Help To Relax During Work Pressure