Can Self Storage Save You Money And Help Your Finances?

Self storage can often seem to have a reputation that indicates that it is only useful for when you have a load of junk you do not know what to do with or when you need to clear the loft but do not really have the time or inclination to sort the stored items properly, so you just drive down to your local self storage facility and unload, lock up and drive off.

In fact, self storage offers the perfect chance to save both home owners and business owners money, and we take a look at just a few of the reasons below.

A Simple Space Saver

If you need more space in your home then the only options you generally have are to buy a bigger property or to extend your current home, both of which are obviously going to be costly and probably more than most people can afford just to get an extra bit of space. Many homeowners now use self storage units as an extension of their property, especially if the facility is nearby and easily accessible, as rather than fill the garage with these items, you can fill a storage unit and then get access when and if you need it. As the price of storage has come down due to competition, it is now more affordable on an ongoing basis, making more and more customers just use it long term, rather than the traditional image of only short term rental usage.

Ready To Sell?

If you have just had a major clear out and found a loft full of items that might be worth a few pounds to the right person, then getting rid of them or selling to the first offer could potentially lose you money, but if you can hold onto them until the right bid comes along, you could end up with more cash than you thought possible. When we are rushed into getting rid of our possessions, this is where we often lose money, but if you have the chance to store those items away until the right buyer comes along, then you can wait until the figure is right and you get the kind of price you are really looking for.

Keep Your Possessions

Not everyone wants to get rid of items that might be spares or replacements, as should the time come that you actually need them then if they are in storage and you can just get them out, you do not have to worry about buying replacements. Most people have a spare bed in the garage, or a sofa that they do not really want in their home but cannot face dumping it or going through the hassle of selling it, so placing these items into storage allows you to keep hold of them until you either do need them in your property, or you feel that you can finally face going through the sales process.

Freedom To Downsize

As we get older, the need to keep our 4 or 5 bedroom house becomes less and less, but we can often resist the option of downsizing and making some decent money from the property because we are worried about where everything is going to go. Moving from a 5 bedroom property to a 3 bedroom house is obviously going to cause space issues, but if you hire a self storage unit then you not only have the time to sort through what you really do not need, but you can also hold onto everything until the time comes that you decide otherwise. And, if you get the chance to cash in by downsizing and moving to a smaller property, the money you make can of course contribute to the cost of your storage unit rental price.

Collect Investable Items

Quite often it is not about not having the money to invest in collectable items but it is more not having the space, as if you are looking to invest in the more bulky items like clocks, art or furniture then you either need a big house with lots of storage or somewhere else to store these items. Self storage for collectors and investors is the perfect solution as not only does it allow you to increase your collection and grab that bargain when it comes along, but it also means you have a secure unit to keep them all in, as buying an investment or unique item and then seeing it get damaged is both hard on your emotions and also on your wallet!

Massive thanks to our friends over at Thornbury Self Storage for supplying this article, who offer storage units for both domestic and commercial customers based in Bristol, Gloucestershire and South Wales.

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July 22, 2015 Can Self Storage Save You Money And Help Your Finances?