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If you want to know how to use salesforce properly, you will have to understand all those things about correct customization of Lead, Opportunity, Account and Contact features and make them suitable for your company. This is definitely something that is very confusing for people who do not have much experience with Salesforce platform. In addition, wrong customization and approach to this issue is one of the most usual causes of failure in successful implementation of this platform. You just have to be aware of that fact. Every company is different and requires different approach and methods Nobody can do this better than you. Because of that, you have to understand how to use salesforce in order to avoid all potential problems and improve your company performances.


Few tip on how to use salesforce


First of all, you have to know how to use Leads. Many experts in this field explain that we should understand Leads as our business card. It is only partially true. It is more like your personal card, because this is just about someone’s name and his interests. This is the most general information about any user, according which other people decide whether to follow up with or not.  Here is one advice. You should enter all people as a Lead, even if they work for companies that are not your associates. Of course, entering those names as Contacts is not wrong, but the first solution is better.


Obviously, with good training, you can learn everything, even how to merge leads in salesforce efficiently. One more thing. You have to be realistic and to pay attention to every detail when creating your Leads in Salesforce. There is one rule of thumb- you should remove all names from Lead records after two weeks. In that way, you will be more productive and you will not waste your time. Of course, it is normal that people expect all the best in their businesses, but leaving a bunch of names in Lead record section will not boost your sales. You simple must remove those people who are not converted into an opportunity. As we said, you must be realistic here. Waiting is not the option.


List all names and divide them into basic sections like Qualified, Not Qualified. You do not have to worry about transferring names from your Leads list into unqualified section if they are not making any purchase.  They will not be deleted. In that way, you will have clear picture about the whole situation and you will be able to react timely. Remember, if you want to have benefits from this platform, you must learn how to use salesforce properly.


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July 15, 2015 Learn How To Use Salesforce Leads