Cash in a Flash: Surprising Sources of Quick Money in Your Home

Many of us experience a moment or two where we could do with some extra cash to be able to pay an unexpected bill or just need some money to see us through to the next pay day.

There are companies like who provide short-term loans when you need them and another idea to consider would be to have a look around your home, as you will most likely comes across some surprising sources of quick money.

No longer needed

The fact that there is a TV show called cash in the attic, where they find items that can be turned into cash, is a clue that it is often well worth going through your storage areas like the attic and the garage, to see if you can find some items that you might have forgotten about.

Whilst you may well already know that you are not going to find a valuable painting gathering dust in the corner of your attic, there is often the case of finding something that you had long since forgotten about, only to find that it has become a retro must-have.

That old computer game that you haven’t played since the 1980’s might be sought-after or maybe you just have some bric-a-brac which might raise some cash if you decide to do a car boot at the weekend.

Broken or obsolete electrics

When you look at the amount of mobile phones that are supposedly in circulation, it works out to be about three handsets per person.

This is a good example of how often we upgrade and change things like mobile handsets and other electrical items.

Take a look through some drawers and storage boxes and there is a reasonable chance that you will encounter an old phone that you no longer have any use for and probably wouldn’t want to swap for your new phone anyway.

Regardless of what you think of the handset, if it is in working order, check out a site like mobilevaluer and see how much cash you could get, as there is normally someone who is more than happy to pay you for a mobile you no longer want.

Even if you have an electrical item that doesn’t seem to be working anymore, there are buyers populating sites like eBay who buy, repair and resell broken items. You might not get much for each item but getting any cash for something that is broken and no use to you, is worth having.

Sell some hair

This is not a tip that is any use to the follically challenged amongst us, but if you are able to grow at least ten inches of healthy hair and are prepared to sell it for cash, you can make some surprising good money.

There is an active market for people who want to buy genuine human hair and you will probably be amazed at how much your locks could raise when you visit a site like buyandsellhair.

Parking space

If you happen to live near a popular destination like a sports stadium or even a popular train or airport, there is a good chance that you might be able to make some money if you have an empty driveway where someone could pay to park.

Sites like JustPark match up people who have parking spaces on their driveway available with people who are looking to rent that space for a special event or on a regular basis, if it is cheaper and more convenient than paying for a public car park.

There are driveways in some cities earning their owners up to £200 per month, which is a reasonable amount of money to earn just for letting someone park their car on your drive.

Share your car space

Another quick way of making some cash is to offer a ride in your car if you have got some empty seats.

Using a network like BlaBlaCar for example, who claim to have 20 million users, you could find a paying passenger who has been verified by the service who is willing to give you some money to travel in your car on a journey you are making anyway.

Sharing city-to-city car journeys can be quite a sociable experience and when you are generating a bit of money as well, it is an idea that is worth considering.

Whether you make use of what you have in your home or sitting on your driveway, there are plenty of surprising ways to make a bit of quick cash.

Jodie Whitehead is a Mom to 3 kids under the age of 8 and has become what her friends and family call a money magician, as she just seems able to conjure it up when needed! She writes on all aspects of money from bargain hunting to savings, budgeting and working from home.

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January 14, 2016 Cash in a Flash: Surprising Sources of Quick Money in Your Home