Timing is Everything: When to Buy That Big Ticket Item

Experienced shoppers understand the importance of timing, especially when it comes to big ticket items. When it comes to big ticket items, there is definitely a right and wrong time to buy, whether a person is considering purchasing a new home, new car, engagement ring, etc., there are times when each of these items will be less expensive than at other times.

The smartest shoppers have the knowledge and the discipline to make their big ticket purchases in season. If you are not placed in a situation in which you are pressed to make a purchase of a big ticket item immediately, it is in your best interest to learn the proper season for the relative item and wait to purchase it then.

Airline Tickets 

While airline tickets may not be the first thing that comes to mind when the phrase “big ticket item” is mentioned, it definitely qualifies as a big ticket purchase. While airline ticket purchases would definitely not fall under seasonal purchases, timing does play a major role.

According to most consumer experts, the best time to buy airline tickets is at least 47 days in advance, but less than 114 days out from the departure date. They say that booking a ticket further out than 114 days could end up costing you as much as $50.00 more.

New Car Purchases

Next to purchasing a home, purchasing a new car will be the most expensive purchases most families will make in their lifetime. Buying cars is definitely a seasonal endeavor. Most experts agree that the last 30 days of the year is the best time to make a new car purchase.

During the end of the year, there are two primary dynamics at play, with both leading to some significant savings. First of all, automobile manufacturers are looking to close out the year and the quarter strong, so they will be offering some significant rebates. There are some manufacturers offering rebates of up to 20 percent of the MSRP. In fact, Chrysler is offering some remarkable savings in Canada at the year end.

Also, new car dealers will be working very hard to get current year models off of the floor plan, in order to keep from paying the manufacturer’s penalty. During this time of the year, dealers will often sell current year models at, or below, invoice price. So, the end of the calendar year is the best time to buy a new car.

There can even be additional savings, depending on whether you are paying cash or credit.


There is actually three times over the course of the year when a person can buy a computer at a discounted price. New generation models usually come out at the beginning of spring, and this is when previous generation models will be marked down to sell.

During the months of August and September older-model computers will be marked down to facilitate the back-to-school rush. Then, there is always the end-of-the year discount.

As you can imagine, almost every big ticket item will be less expensive on Black Friday, but the challenge is fighting through the crowds in order receive the discount. Many of the discounts that are mentioned above are just as good as the discounts for those items on Black Friday.

Maria Watkins has worked as a personal finance advisor for 8 years. She loves helping everyone around her save money and reaches a wider audience by contributing to finance and lifestyle blogs.

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January 14, 2016 Timing is Everything: When to Buy That Big Ticket Item