Key Fobs and Fine Lines: Rental Car Price Reduction Tips for Frequent Road Warriors

‘Traveling’ is an alluring sentiment.  When you mention that you’re going somewhere, it inspires awe and piqued curiosity.  However, those who do it often know that traveling is not all glitz and glamour.  Actually, some of it is annoying, and particular things can be a hassle.  That includes securing a car rental.  Not only is it an added task but the costs add up.  Here are a number of ways to reduce the stress and increase the money left in your wallet.

Air Free

Stay clear of airport rentals.  It’s a convenient method of renting a vehicle, but the vendors know this.  That’s why you’ll wind up paying a lot more whenever you’re picking up or dropping off rentals at the airport.  See if you can secure a rental off the beaten path.  You may have to take a bus or shuttle to the destination, but crunch the numbers; you may find that your pocket will win out as long as you stay away from the airport.

Big Name Droppers

The major players in the car rental business have the pleasure of recognition.  But unlike buying home goods or a car outright, you don’t have to be impressed by big name brands; you just need a safe vehicle that can get you from point to point.  Try using smaller or unrecognized vendors that may not have the advertising dollars of the major players but can give you what you need at a reasonable price.

Double Coverage

Get familiar with your own car insurance policy.  The rental agencies will try and scare you into paying more for coverage, yet you may be covered under your normal insurance policy.  Also, some major credit card vendors will cover you in particular instances as long as you book the car using their card.  Moreover, be thorough in inspecting the inside and outside of the vehicle before driving off the lot.  You don’t want to be responsible for a dent or scratch that the representative overlooked before giving you the keys.  You’ll wind up paying for someone else’s damage.  If you do get in accident, seek the counseling of an NYC car accident lawyer.  Great teams, such as David Resnick & Associates, will get you the compensation you deserve.

Mind the Time

Review the car rental policy regarding time.  For example, their definition of the working week or workday may be different than yours, and you may wind up paying more money than expected.  Also, try and detail your plans down to the last hour.  That way, you’ll know exactly when you can drop off the vehicle.  Some vendors will charge you for another day if you bring the car (just) an hour late.  Others will charge you extra if you bring back the rental earlier than stated.

Bring Your Own

You may be used to cruising with a radio, a navigation system, etc.  However, bring your own tools rather than rely on the rental agency to supply you with ‘extras.’  You’ll have to pay more than the base price, yet it costs you nothing to unplug your navigation device and bring it along with you.  Moreover, parents find that bringing their own baby car seats is cheaper than getting charged per day to get one from rental agencies.

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June 6, 2016 Key Fobs and Fine Lines: Rental Car Price Reduction Tips for Frequent Road Warriors