Six Tips to Save Money for Your Dream Vacation

Some people just love traveling. For these people, there couldn’t be a better feeling than crisscrossing the world at every given opportunity. The thought of going to new places, eating new foods, and experiencing new cultures alone gives these travel-fanatics complete satisfaction.

If you belong in this category, then you will agree that finances can be a major constraint because those memorable vacations cost a lot of money. Sure, you can always ask Greenberg, Grant & Richards Inc. to help you recover money from your debtors and use part of the recovery to fund the trip. But can you always rely on overdue debts to fund your trips? No. The only viable option is to save for a few months.

“But, how do I save,” you might ask. Well, here are six quick ideas that should help you get started.

  • Cut the coffee

Let’s start with something that we all know about – coffee. If you love Starbucks, you’re not alone.k1

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But what you may not know is that you could be spending a lot of money on the coffee. If you buy at least one cup of Starbucks each day (of course, some need more than that to quench their thirst), then, at $5 each, you’d be spending $150 on coffee per month. In a year, that’s $1,800. Start saving that money today.

How much do you spend every time you go out to eat? $20? Perhaps $40? It doesn’t matter. As long as you’re eating at cafes, you’re spending a lot of money. A $20 dinner each day even if just for five days a week would set you back $100 per week. In a year, that would come to over $5,000! Think about where such an amount would take you. Could as well be the jungles of Borneo in Thailand!

  • Lose the car

Gas currently costs $3 per gallon. So, if you use your car to go to work, shopping, and all the short trips, you’d end up spending another few hundreds on fuel in a single month. But that’s not the end. Cars also need money for insurance and repairs not to mention that you may end up with a strenuous auto loan for the next 36 months. In a nutshell, ditching the car and using public transportation would save you a lot.

  • Consider finding a roommate

If you live alone, you might be enjoying a lot more freedom. But it also means that you have to pay more money for the rent. Finding a roommate would allow you to save up to half of the rent each month. Another good idea is to move in with your parents even for a few months. You’ll save a lot of money in the process.

  • Suspend cable TV for the year


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This is assuming that you don’t even watch TV a lot in the first place. Most American adults only watch TV occasionally. In the digital age, you’ll find most people streaming their content online. Interestingly, you can also watch TV online! So, why are you still paying $50 a month for HULU?

  • Sign Up for travel newsletters

We all try to keep our inboxes clean but there is a lot to gain if you can sign up for perhaps two or three email newsletters from your favorite airlines and travel companies. These emails come packed with exciting offers. Simply keep an eye out for last-minute sales and specials and you won’t be disappointed. When luck strikes, you may end up paying less than half the normal price for your trip.


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June 6, 2016 Six Tips to Save Money for Your Dream Vacation