Money Made Machining: 4 Manufacturing Jobs With the Highest Pay


With the struggle to find a high-paying job these days, many people are returning to school. Unfortunately, simply getting a college degree does not guarantee employment opportunities. Many of the jobs that pay the most are available straight out of high school, with no college! With a little experience, you could be making enough to live comfortably and avoid student loan debt. Included here are a few manufacturing jobs with the highest pay.


The nuts and bolts of the manufacturing industry, machinists work to fabricate many materials used in other industries. Most machinists can be employed straight out of high school and make an average of $18.00 per hour. Many employers offer a one- to two-year apprenticeship for machinists before they upgrade to higher pay.

By the age of 20, a young machinist could easily be making $50,000 per year. Add onto that a few years of experience and overtime pay, and machinists are sitting comfortably. By 28 years old, experienced machinists could be raking in over $100,000 per year. One of the best aspects of this job is its availability, with countless manufacturers seeking machinists regularly and over 600,000 unfilled positions nationwide.

Manufacturing Technicians

Technicians work in the manufacturing plants doing a number of tasks. They often work in plants that deal with chemicals and must be capable of following directions and adhering to safety rules. This job is easy to start straight out of high school with a high salary and competitive benefits package. Not bad for an 18-year-old!

Process Operators

More in the role of supervising, process operators oversee some of the day-to-day quality control of the manufacturing industry. For example, a process operator working in a medication manufacturing facility would ensure capsules are up-to-code and all machines are functioning well. Again, with a high school diploma and a few required classes, you could be making close to $80,000 a year with great benefits.

Plant Supervisors

Typically, after working in the manufacturing industry for several years, you will have the option to work yourself up to a supervisor. Supervisory roles are not offered to kids straight out of highschool, but can be worked into. Supervisors must be very aware of plant safety requirements as well as be good at managing employees.

In the manufacturing industry, there can be risk of injury if employees are not paying attention. So, with mandatory safety hearings, while closely monitoring employees and processes, a plant supervisor can be kept extremely busy. On top of safety, supervisors must ensure the plant is productive and efficient. This job can rake in around $100,000 after just a few years experience!

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March 21, 2016 Money Made Machining: 4 Manufacturing Jobs With the Highest Pay