4 Tips for Saving Money on Your Utility Bill

Do you check your bills apprehensively each month? Get anxious every time you see a power bill? For many homeowners, climbing electric rates can put a serious dent in their monthly budget. The trouble is, many of them seem unable to reduce the bill with their current needs. If you are tired of seeing climbing electric bills, consider implementing a few of these changes to save money.

Solar Power It

One of the biggest changes you can make to your current energy system is to do a complete overhaul and go solar. Installing solar panels can be a great way to save money in the long run and potentially allow you to earn money back from the local power company.

Most solar panel installers see a recoup in their initial cost within 5 years. Additionally, extra power generated by the panels can be sold to the local power company, and actually offer you a profit each month.

Alter Temperatures

Home comfort has a lot to do with what temperature you keep your house at. If you want your house to be fridge-like in the summer and oven-toasty in the winter, you are going to be biting a huge power cost. Consider changing the way you dress and live while loosening up on the thermostat.

Dropping your home temperature in the winter and increasing it in the summer is the best way to cut power costs and save on your electric bills. Wear wool socks in winter to keep feet toasty and layer up with fleeces and blankets. Summer months can be spent in shorts and light dresses, with a frosty beverage in hand (keeping glasses in the freezer can help keep your drinks cold longer).

Replace Light Bulbs

Modern technology has caused the light bulb industry to move forward in leaps and bounds. While older bulbs would produce heat and waste energy, newer bulbs use minimal energy and can last for as long as twenty years. Upgrading to CFLs can be pricey, but should save you money in the long run!

Keep Laundry Cold, and Nocturnal

Washing your clothes in cold water can greatly save on your power bill. Imagine all of the energy being used to heat up your water heater for warm, or hot, water washing! Many detergents are now being made “cold water friendly” meaning they will bubble up and get clothes just as clean without heat.

Additionally, washing your clothes at night could help save the environment, and could cut your power bill. In some areas, the peak hours of power usage cause the system to run less efficiently. Choosing to wash clothes at night could help the efficiency and may result in a decrease on your monthly power bill for power used in off peak times.

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March 21, 2016 4 Tips for Saving Money on Your Utility Bill