Reasons Flying Via Private Jet is Totally Worth the Money

Not everybody gets the luxury of flying on a private jet, but if you ever have the opportunity, it’s definitely something you need to consider doing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a traveling connoisseur, or if you’re a person who hates traveling for the sheer fact that airports suck, the private jet life is the life for you. Here are the reasons flying via private jet is the only way to go and totally worth the money:

You Don’t Have to Deal With Airport Hassle

The worst part of traveling has to be airports. Ever since 9/11, security measures have been insane to say the least. The amount of traffic is insane, and depending on the airport, you’re forced to arrive hours early in order to actually get through security and make your flight.

You’re also way more likely to get sick in close quarters with thousands of people who are all carrying different viruses and germs, the food costs as much as your left arm, and the entire experience is uncomfortable and a hassle. Isn’t it best to avoid the entire airport if possible? When you fly on a private jet you get to.

You Get to Bring As Much With You As You Want

Say goodbye to stuffing all of your belongings into a carry-on to avoid baggage claim and extra fees. Most airlines don’t even allow you a free checked bag anymore so you’re forced to consolidate and stuff your life into a laptop sized bag. That’s not the way travel should be. On a private jet, you’re able to bring everything you need and they practically cater to your every need. That’s worth the price of travel right there.

You Get the Best View

On commercial airlines you’re often forced to take the seat that’s available. You’re forced to choose between the seat with a view that gives you absolutely no wiggle room, the aisle that lets you hit the bathroom whenever you need, or the middle seat, which let’s be honest, nobody wants.

Are any of these good enough options for you? The answer is no. On a private jet you get the seat with the best view, you get all the wiggle room you want, and you also only have to share the bathroom with a select amount of people. Once again…worth every penny.

If you think that private air travel is a luxury only afforded to celebrities and billionaires, you’re wrong. Everybody has that thing in life that is worth the expense to them. For you, it might be the private jet. Once you try it, you’ll never go back. Plus, there are many options to choose from. Private jets don’t come in one package.

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February 29, 2016 Reasons Flying Via Private Jet is Totally Worth the Money