4 Cost-Effective Tips for Redecorating

Change is the spice of life; and whether you are switching careers or simply livening up your home, change can cost you. Many people find themselves redecorating when things start feeling a little blah around their house. While designer chairs and stunning rugs will brighten up the space, they may do some damage to your budget. Included here are a few tips for saving money when your home needs a facelift.

Tuck It Away

Often, when people begin to desire a change, their dissatisfaction can stem from the clutter accumulating in their home. By taking time to organize your belongings and put them in storage containers, your home will feel more open and attractive. Utilizing ottomans that double as blanket storage, bookcases that house dvds and other tricks, you can quickly stash the stuff and save your space.

If you are anything like millions of Americans, you probably have way more stuff than you could ever need. All of that stuff simply works against you by requiring cleaning, maintenance and valuable time. Brighten up your home by eliminating the “stuff” and only keeping necessities. Take extra clothes, furniture or dishes to the local thrift shop and help others while helping yourself!

Boost the Bedroom

While your bedroom is a room that is used, primarily, for sleeping, you still want it to look warm and inviting. Bedrooms can be overlooked because they are not used as often as the living room, kitchen or bathrooms. For a cost-effective bedroom boost, consider building your own headboard out of recycled fabric adhering to a cut board. You may be able to find all of these items for free or cheap and it will add a chic new look to your bedroom.

Create Living Spaces

One reason people get overwhelmed with their house is because the rooms can seem too big or open. You may find yourself craving a cozy, comfortable space. To create dividers in a room, attach a clear backing to a bookshelf and line the shelves with items that catch light, like glass vases. This will create visual interest in the space, while adding cozy reading nooks or dining areas.

Let There Be Light

For many people, the problem with their home lies in the dark, closed-in feeling it invokes. A great way to stave off the darkness is by installing better lighting throughout the home. Add brighter bulbs to lamps, clean your lampshades or simply open the curtains.

To add visual interest, and a nightlight, to your kitchen or bathrooms, install running lights along the base of the cabinets. This will allow you, and your children, to find the toilet more easily after dark and can keep the home brightened from your toes to the ceiling.

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March 3, 2016 4 Cost-Effective Tips for Redecorating