Should I Sue After a Car Accident?

Life isn’t just about money, but when you’re in a car accident that’s costing you thousands, it starts to feel like it is. After a car accident, you hope that your insurance will cover both the repairs to your car as well as your medical bills. However, depending on your coverage, that might not be the case. Additionally, many insurance providers will deny coverage based on a technicality, and you’ll be stuck paying the rest.

You have a lot on your plate, and your problems are exacerbated by your desperate need to cover your bills. One of the most justified solutions is to sue for coverage of your medical bills and car repairs.

Reasons You Should Sue

Many people are hesitant to sue after a car accident because they don’t want to appear greedy. Others don’t want the hassle of a case that could last for months. But when you’re in need of cash to cover your expenses, suing is often the smartest option. Here are some reasons you might benefit from a car accident lawsuit.

Your Insurance Isn’t Covering Your Bills

The primary reason to sue following a car accident is to recover some of your financial damages. When your insurance kicks back with a meager payout, you need to find that money before your overdue bills destroy your credit.

The Other Driver’s Insurance Won’t Cover Your Bills

When you’re in an accident caused by someone else, it’s not your insurance’s responsibility to cover your bills. The other drivers’ insurance should make the payout, but sometimes it’s not enough to cover everything. The other driver may have inadequate insurance or the company might refuse to pay on a technicality.

There are also some cases in which the other driver doesn’t report the incident to their insurance because they don’t want their rates to rise. They might also claim that there wasn’t an accident, and if there is no police report to document it, you’ll be responsible for the costs. You shouldn’t have to pay bills that aren’t your fault, and a lawsuit can make the difference.

Put a Stop to Reckless Driving

You can’t let reckless drivers get away with such behavior. Speeding, running red lights, drunk driving, and other reckless behaviors need consequences, and sometimes it takes a financial wake-up call to get their attention. Oftentimes, serving financial consequences to a negligent driver is the best way to keep roadways safe.

You Have Long-Lasting Medical Bills

Recovery following an accident can last much longer than your insurance payouts. You might have a life-changing injury that affects your job. You might also have severe emotional damage and other kinds of pain and suffering that require medical visits. Insurance likely won’t cover all of these costs, and you shouldn’t have to if the accident wasn’t your fault.

You Lost a Loved One in the Accident

One of the most devastating results of a car accident can be the loss of a loved one. No financial compensation can bring that person back, but it can help you cover the medical costs, missed work, and other financial repercussions of their death. Wrongful death suits are challenging, but it’s the smartest financial option when you’re struggling to pay your debts.

How to Sue After a Car Accident

If suing seems like the right step, there are several legal steps to take:

  • Determine who’s at fault. Sometimes it will be the other driver, sometimes it will be an insurance company, and sometimes it will be yourself. The answer to this question will determine your next steps.
  • Write down everything you remember. You might ask other witnesses to share their recollections of the accident and collect pictures and evidence to support your claim. 
  • Contact a personal injury attorney. Look for someone in your state who is experienced with car accident cases in particular. You shouldn’t have to pay them until they win your case.

Suing after a car accident is stressful, but when it means the difference between financial peace and hardship, the choice is obvious.


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December 14, 2017 Should I Sue After a Car Accident?