The Benefits of using Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Services


Today, just about everything is decided by your credit score. If you apply for a car loan, home loan, or even a payday loan, even though they may state that your credit has nothing to do with getting a loan, this is far from the truth. Now, let’s go a bit farther, renting an apartment or even applying for a job in these days is even harder as your credit report will be checked. If you have any late payments or other indiscretions on the report you can be denied an apartment or even not be selected for employment. Most employers, bankers, and even those that rent property, look at your credit report to see if you are a reliable candidate that can be trusted.

Along with this, identity theft is on the rise! Too many times, there are ways that thieves can actually just bump into you and scan your credit cards in your pocket which then they can use to make purchases that you may not even know are on the credit card. Not only this, but once someone gets your identity they can do even more damage to your credit rating, which will certainly put in worse shape if you cannot prove to the credit card company that you do did not make these purchase. This is the reason it is important that you need to hire a company that will monitor your credit, as well as alert if you any purchases are made on any of your credit cards or if something is suspicion going on with your identity.

If you want your finances protected along with your credit, you need to find the best company that will monitor such issues. One of the best ways is to read reviews on credit card companies, insurance, identity theft, and of course more. One od the best sites that offer these services and more are: Elite Personal Finance and Best Id Theft Companys. Do not become a victim, but learn how to protect your identity and save your credit rating.

Why choose a Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Service?

There are many benefits that you may not even know about that will truly ensure your credit rating as well as your identity are protected including all of your family members including your kids that are off at college.

Credit Reporting

You have the right to receive one free report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies once per year; however, a yearly report may not do you any good at all if you have errors that are on the reports that have been there for 10 months before you see them. These companies offer credit monitoring of all three agencies and keep you updated monthly so you will always know what Equifax, Experian, TransUnion have on their reports each and every day as well as if something does not look right on any day.

Your Social Security Number

Companies that monitor your credit also watch for any signs of your social security number that may have been used by someone other than you and will report to you at once any strange behavior.

Court Records

You may not think court records are important, but if someone has stolen your identity, you may find that there are companies that are suing you for unpaid bills or even find where you were arrested, or at least someone using your identity.

Protection for Lost Purses or Wallets

If you lose your purse or wallet or believe it was stolen, these companies will ensure the correct authorities are notified as well as your credit card companies and other loan companies so your information cannot be used by the person that may get their hands on your personal information.

Credit Card Scanning

A company that will monitor your finances will also consistently be scanning for any time one of your credit cards is used. This way you will not instantly if someone is wrong and that you did not make the purchase so it can be reversed.

Bank Account Scanning

The same goes with your bank account. If there are any strange occurrences in your bank account such as a purchase of a large TV, plane tickets or other large items, you will be notified at once so your bank will know the purchases are not yours and that your bank can stop any other purchases.

Social Network Monitoring

You may think that since you do not use the computer much that this is a service you do not need, but in today’s high tech world, it is very important. Someone that steals your identity can easily put up social network accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or they can also hack your own accounts and get personal information that will not only destroy your credit but can destroy your reputation as well.

Monitor for suspicious websites

Yes, there are websites that can actually scan not only your own personal website, social websites, but also your emails to obtain more personal information in order to steal your identity. With these companies you will have that added protection.

Lock Credit Reporting

These companies even have the ability to lock your credit report so that lenders are unable to see your credit file until all suspicious behavior has been erased and then it can be unlocked so your credit is still protected.

Fraud Alerts

Fraud alert means you will be automatically notified if a lender is trying to view your report and if so they will need to take extra steps in order to ensure the person that has applied for a loan is actually you and not someone that has stolen your identity.

Where your Information is found

This is another weird thing that you may not know about, but once someone gets any of your information, they can actually publish this information on other websites. With a monitoring company, they will always be on the lookout for any of your information found on any type of suspicious website so it can be removed.

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September 30, 2015 The Benefits of using Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Services