The Financial Implications of Getting a Criminal Charge

There are, of course, many consequences of getting a criminal charge. One of the things that people often forget to think about, however, is the financial side of things. There are many financial implications that can hit you when you commit a crime and get charged, even if the crime is minor. Here are some of the financial implications that you should keep in mind if you find yourself in this kind of situation.

Court and Legal Costs

There are court and legal costs that you’ll definitely need to take into account. It costs money to hire a lawyer and pay court fees. For some people, this will be the single most expensive aspect of the whole process. There are sometimes forms of support available to people. For example, legal aid can be offered, meaning that lawyers are paid for by the state and you get the representation that you’re entitled to. This can be helpful and essential, so explore all the funding options if you don’t think that you’ll be able to pay for these things by yourself.


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Potential Fines

There are many sentences that you can be handed when you commit a crime. If you don’t go to prison, there are some alternatives. You might have to do some form of community service, for example. However, some people simply get handed a fine. If you don’t have much money, this can be one of the worst outcomes for you. Of course, you don’t want to be locked up, but finding the money to pay that fine is not always easy for many people. Fines can be large or small, but you have to pay them if you want to avoid any harsher punishments coming your way later on.

Implications for Your Job and Income

Sometimes, getting a criminal charge can have an effect on your job and, therefore, your income. For example, if you get a DWI charge, you might be sacked from any job that requires you to drive a vehicle. You can find lawyers for DWI and fight the charge as best you can, but if you are convicted, it will have an impact on your job. You then have to find a new job, meanwhile your income will be decimated. That’s a stressful situation for anyone to find themselves in, and it’s just one example of how your income can be hit by a criminal charge.

Bail Payments

In some cases, you can only get yourself out of prison if you are willing to pay bail. You or someone you know has to stump up this cash to buy your freedom before your actual hearing. In some cases, bail can be denied, but that won’t be the case for people who are charged with relatively minor offences. You won’t be able to get out of prison before you hearing if you don’t have the cash available to pay your bail fees, unless someone you know is willing to pay them for you. How this all works out will depend on where you’re located and what you are charged with.


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February 23, 2017 The Financial Implications of Getting a Criminal Charge