Why Relocating to a New Residence May Happen More Than You Might Image

It’s a fact that the average person living in the states will move roughly 11 times in their lifetime. There are many reasons people move. I can be just around the corner after you graduate high school and want a place of your own. It can also be for a job relocation, a marriage, a divorce, a growing family and downsizing for retirement.

Accumulating more than just memories

The first time you spread your wings and move away from home you basically do so with a few boxes and a friend’s pickup truck. As time goes on and you move again, the number of items you now need to transport doubles if not triples in size. This might happen due to a marriage and a union of your and her stuff, as well as new additions to your growing family. Many times you simply place things into an attic, basement or garage without even noticing the enormous collection of acquired things.

Saving money on your next move

If you’re planning to move to a new home the costs can become overwhelming. And if the move takes you out of state the expense can more than double. There are ways you can save on the move and cut costs to within reason. The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to hire a moving company like Allied to pack up your things and drive them to your new destination. Or, if you prefer to do the packing yourself and drive a truck to your home. There are of course pros and cons to each scenario and it’s up to you to decide which one you prefer.

Hiring movers versus driving a truck

Hiring a moving company is generally more expensive than driving the truck yourself. However, if you are carrying a large load that contains many valuables, you must understand that if something happens along the way you will not be able to recover the cost of the damaged items. If you hire movers, you’ll at the very least be able to recover a good portion. Movers also take the stress out of finding someone to help you move your heavy furniture on and off of the truck. This is very important especially if you are older.

Packing can cost less

Even if you decide to use movers you still can save money on the packing. Movers charge an extra fee for their boxes and packing up of your supplies. If you get boxes from your local supermarket or retail store you can use them and pack yourself. This can save hundreds on the budget. Just remember to check with your mover about the size and quantity of boxes you’re allowed. If you go over you’ll end up in the next size category and it can raise the initial price considerably.

Downsize before you head off to your new home

Ok, so you’ve purchased this beautiful new home and now you’re going to fill it immediately with items you have either no use for or haven’t seen for years. Downsizing before the move benefits you in several ways. First, the less you take the less it costs to move and secondly if you don’t bring along items that just take up space you’ll have the ability to decorate your new place.

Host a yard sale

Before packing up things you’ll never use why not host a yard sale. If you advertise one on the weekend you’re sure to get people from the general area to stop and check it out. Things like furniture, clothing and tools are usually big sellers. This way you can downsize your load and make a few extra dollars on the side to help offset the cost. Whatever you have left over you can donate to your local church or charity.

Odds are that you will move several times throughout your lifetime. Make the most of every move and save on costs where you can. With a little work on your part and with help from family and friends you can make most any move more affordable.


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March 1, 2017 Why Relocating to a New Residence May Happen More Than You Might Image