Why buy from an online pharmacy?

Just like everything else these days, the way be buy medications is changing. There is a new trend toward the online pharmacy.  But is that a good thing?  Are they safe? Many people have a lot of questions about these new online pharmacies and this article is aimed at answering those questions.  We’ll look at the pros and cons of using an online pharmacy and a couple of caveats.

As with buying anything online, it’s important to be aware that not all sources are created equally. There are some scammers out there who will sell things that are not good quality, FDA approved products while passing them off as something they aren’t.  However, the great news is that there are lots of legit online pharmacies that offer the same products you’d get in a bricks-and-mortar pharmacy. Before you buy anything, be sure you are buying from a reputable source.

Weighing the pros and cons

There are lots of pros and cons of online pharmacies, and it’s important to examine both sides of the coin before making the decision to go ahead.

Pros include:


If you are suffering from a delicate condition such as a sexually transmitted infection or erectile dysfunction, it can be embarrassing to go into a pharmacy and speak face-to-face with a pharmacist, especially with other people around. An online pharmacy allows you to get the products you need from the privacy of your own home.


We lead busy lives. That’s one of the reasons why online shopping has gained huge popularity in recent years. Having the ability to buy pharmacy items online is a convenience that many of us need these days.  You’ll save time and hassle, and you might even save a few dollars, too. You can even order your medications at any time of day or night, instead of having to try to make it to the physical pharmacy within their business hours.


An elderly, ailing or disabled person may find it difficult or even impossible to get to a pharmacy to get what they need. And because not all pharmacies offer delivery services, this can be a serious threat to their health. The online pharmacy makes it possible for virtually everyone to get the products they need without having to leave home.

Cons include:

Difficulty in regulating

The government has a hard time regulating online pharmacies and maintaining controls on things like restricted medications, so buy with caution.

It can be difficult (if possible at all) to determine where an online pharmacy gets their drugs from. This is why it is so important to be sure you are buying from a reputable source before you proceed. Some scammers have been known to package things like sawdust and sell them as medications, thereby ripping off customers.

If you are going to go the online pharmacy route, take these tips into consideration:

Go online and search for reviews of the site you are considering using. If anyone has had a problem with them or there have been any news stories about certain sites, you will be able to easily find them.

Before you go online, get an actual prescription from your doctor. That way, when you go online to order medication, you’ll know that you are getting the right medication for your condition.

Before providing your credit card information, be sure the site is secure.


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May 9, 2016 Why buy from an online pharmacy?