Work Smart, Not Hard: How to Use Nootropics to Get Ahead

When we think about creating financial freedom for ourselves, how often do we imagine pictures of hard workers toiling away for hours? The media and most generations in the past have thought of success as an end goal reached only through hard work. Those who are willing to work for over 60 or even 80 hours per week get the rewards. As the adage goes, “the early bird gets the worm”.

This isn’t always true and is less so today. More often than not, the difference between getting ahead and success is working smart as opposed to working hard. When you can work smart rather than hard, you can enjoy life a lot better, but also maintain a level of success as well.

One of the best ways to do this is through supplements that improve your intelligence. These are called nootropics and they were first coined during the 1970s by scientists in the former Soviet Union. Luckily, these supplements for improving intelligence have been around for thousands of years and are being used by many traditional cultures and modern executives.

#1. Modafinil – the first nootropic that everybody should find useful is called modafinil. This is a smart drug that was developed for treating narcolepsy, but it also has other effects as well. There is a sister drug called armodafinil, which is even more powerful.

These are considered “wakefulness enhancers”, which means that they are stimulants, but they do not create a lot of negative health effects like amphetamine based drugs (like Adderall or Ritalin). Some people use this for improving their creative workflow and others use it for primarily focus and concentration. Whatever works best for you is the way to use it!

#2. Piracetam – the second drug that many people utilize for cognitive enhancement purposes is called piracetam. The piracetam smart drug effects are actually quite dull compared to other drugs. Most people do not feel a lot when they take piracetam, but they get a lot from the experience.

It is important for you to utilize drugs like piracetam that work behind the scenes. Most people find better verbal fluency and enhanced memory ability as well. These nootropic effects are very important for many people who are trying to get ahead.

With these two nootropics, it is possible to see tremendous strides in your professional life. Most people do not realize that they can enhance their position quite rapidly with the ethic of working smart rather than hard. Even though most people who are focused on improving their career don’t think about spending less (but more effective) time in the office, nootropics can help you to achieve a level of success you may have never dreamed of.

Just ask the Silicon Valley executives and Wall Street financial traders. They’ll both tell you that nootropics are their keys to success.

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June 27, 2017 Work Smart, Not Hard: How to Use Nootropics to Get Ahead