Collecting Like The Wealthy

People with extra money tend to invest in property as a way to gain more wealth but also to cultivate a luxurious atmosphere. Just about everyone collects something and the wealthy are no different. If you have recently come into some money that you want to invest, we have put together a fantastic list of items for you to consider and enjoy.

A Bit Of History

Historical items can be found in museums worldwide. They can also be found in homes as a way to preserve history and enjoy invaluable pieces. History buffs love to peruse collections, such as the Raab Collection, for historical autographs of famous presidents and political figures. Others gather items that belonged to early adventurers and explorers. Imagine owning a rifle that belonged to Meriwether Lewis or Davy Crocket’s hatchet? History buffs around the world know the value of such items and invest their money into them so that they gain more worth. More importantly, many of them simply wish to collect items of their favorite famous figure and preserve their history in their own ways.

Rev It Up

Cars have long been a staple in the elite collecting world. Many think of the older cars from the 1920’s but supercars are the real deal. Supercars are luxury high-performing sports cars or grand tourers. All of them are created in limited edition which raises their value when they are maintained well and kept in perfect running condition for years. A growing trend is supercar parking lots so that if you don’t have the space to store your prized possession, you can do safely.

Artistry At Its Finest

Art collecting is one of the most popular ways that celebrities and the wealthy enjoy spending their money. This could be looking for famous works of Pablo Picasso to hard to find sculptures and statues from the 16th and 17th centuries. For art lovers, this is a lot like purchasing a bit of history. They can enjoy the artwork of their favorite artist and preserve that history for years to come. As the items become older and are well taken care of, they will become more valuable.

Bejeweled To The Max

Jewelry is often a sought-after collection for the celebrities. Items are often created in limited edition, or even custom-made, for red carpet events making them more desired and valuable. Even the non-celebrity elite have started looking for precious, hard-to-find pieces at auction houses across the world. Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bonham, and Phillips are the world’s most famous auction houses and dedicate special auctions just to the rare sparkling items that are sold on their platform.

Wine For Dinner?

Wine collecting has been around for years and will continue to spark the interest of the wealthy. While we can find wine in stores, shops, and vineyards but what the wealthy look for are old bottles or bottles that are a limited edition. Of course, they don’t drink the bottles or if they do they wait several years so that it can keep aging and gain value should they decide to sell. Wine collecting involves having an appropriate wine cellar that is dry and kept at a cool 55 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. This protects the wine and allows you to store it for decades.

Collecting is just one way to invest your money and there are tons of other ways. Collecting is simply a lot more fun than putting your money into stocks or land. You can have something to admire in your home and show off to your guests!

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January 18, 2018 Collecting Like The Wealthy