How to Use Instagram DM Online From Any Device?

How many times have you invoked Instagram gods’ blessing to get access to Instagram Direct not only from your cell phone?
Both laymen and brands can’t live without IG Direct and would kill to get full-fledged Direct on their PC. Why are we so obsessed and what methods to get it exists? Read on to learn.

Why is Direct worth using?
Of course, we use it to send some memes and stuff, but if to talk about business matters, Direct is such a powerful tool that many people can’t even imagine.
1. Audience Engagement increase and loyalty upbringing. With messages in Direct, a brand can establish contact with the followers. For instance, when a follower receives a welcoming and greeting message, it makes him/her more engaged in 95% of cases. Thus, with constant communication maintaining, brands bring up loyal followers and customers. 
2. Driving sales. The more accurate you work out your messaging strategy, the more you will sell, directing your followers-potential customers to your website. Some small brands are selling right via Direct. 

But switching from Instagram to Facebook on PC over and over again is exhausting, it’s a colossal waste of time and energy. And what if you represent your brand/personal brand on Instagram and need to communicate a lot? It’s challenging and not effective. 

There are 5 ways to get access to Direct from PC. 

5 Ways of sending Instagram DM online not from cell phone

Instagram for Windows 10

Windows makes its users happy by offering a lot of apps and services opposite to macOS. But let’s not talk about sad stuff. There is an official IG app for your PC; you can download it for free at your Microsoft Store. Enter Instagram in the search line, click the first app, then click Get and then Launch. Log in your account, find the Direct icon and ta-dah. 

We must admit, the devs were trying hard – the interface repeats the mobile version, the posts and captions are bigger, so it’s convenient. And what’s more important in our case, you have the Direct section and can easily manage your correspondence from your PC now. However, there is one drawback users complain about – the speed. Low downloading speed, to be precise. 

Android Emulator

Android emulator is a solution that allows installing the apps and games which have no official versions for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Choose any emulator, downloaded it, enter your google account and go to Play Store, find there IG, and download it. Then just log in your account and use it on your PC freely. 

But, it’s worth mentioning that most emulators are demanding on RAM resources. If the computer has less than 4 GB of RAM, the program may slow down, and you won’t win in the battle for efficiency and time economy. So, carefully read reviews before choosing an emulator. 

Third-party service

There are some services that offer to manage your Instagram DM online from any device. Mostly, they are paid, but offer much more than just access to the Direct itself – auto-messaging to fans and customers and auto-replies are the ‘bonuses.’

This option is preferable if you run a company on IG and need to stay in tune with loads of people simultaneously. Thus, you choose a service, connect your acc, and start enjoying all the benefits. 

Such bulk messaging is loved by many Instagrammers as it allows them to reach out to the maximum of the target audience. In addition, almost all of them enable managing DMs from several accounts.

Through Facebook 

You know that Facebook owns Instagram, right? So don’t be surprised. Access to Direct from a FB page is one of the newest methods that the Facebook team has recently offered to us. 

For that, you need to connect your business profile to Facebook. That’s all, right near the Facebook messenger inbox, you will see your Direct Messages. 

But for those who run several Instagram accs, it’s more convenient to send Instagram DM online through FB pages manager.

Via Creator Studio

There is a piece of good news for those who use Creator Studio; now you can send DMs there. For that, you need to connect your IG account. 

For those, who don’t know what Creator Studio is, it is a tool, with which it’s extremely easy to manage your Facebook and IG activity: publications, comments, messages, capitalization and content efficiency analysis, etc.

Thus, you get the 5 best methods to get your Direct on your PC. All of them are really good in different ways, so find the one that would satisfy you completely and finally send your first DM from your laptop. 

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November 11, 2019 How to Use Instagram DM Online From Any Device?