Instagram DM Online: Can You Private Message from a computer?

Instagram is a billion audience content-machine and a market place so that in-app interactions happen every second. No long time ago, users had to share their impressions in comments and sided messengers until the in-house Direct folder appear. We bet you use Instagram DM online at full speed with its integrated GIFs, stickers, AR-masks, disappearing messages, etc. But in this article, we offer you the handiest way to run your inbox – texting from a computer. 

How to move chats on the desktop for free? How to target and automate the correspondence? What is the most efficient way to private message for businesses? Stay tuned and find the answers! 

Instagram dm online: how to chat on a computer for free? 
Let’s start with a piece of good news – you can set aside your inbox on a PC or laptop regardless of the operating system and technical requirements. Further, we uncover how to do this on Windows, macOS, Linux, and any other OS free of charge and like a pro. We begin with the most evident method – Direct messages on Instagram for Windows. 

Method #1 – chat on a Windows computer

If your device is on Windows OS, breathe with a sigh of relief. The issue is devs introduced the official desktop app you can download in several steps. Do as follows:

  • Go to the official Microsoft Store;
  • Install Instagram on your device for free;
  • Register or enter your account and pass to DMs. 

You can manage chats all the same way you do it from the phone. This approach is quick but not always convenient. For example, any additional software requires a free memory on the hard drive contrasting to an online service. Also, you can only set up the app for the latest Windows versions – 10 and newer. If the updates are inconvenient for you or the disk is full, pass to the passage offering Direct online modules. 

Method #2 – DM on Instagram on any other than Windows OS

If you use an Apple computer or your OS is Linux, the solution is here. You will have all Instagram chats at your fingertips, thanks to special software – Android emulators. The installations are a bit more complicated than Windows, but we’ll explain every step. 

Android emulators are programs that transfer any app developed for mobile on a big screen of a computer, including Instagram. The functionality and interface remain similar. BlueStack is a time-tested emulator that we offer to set up on your computer, although the market provides a rainbow of related programs. How to start using an emulator:

  • Download software from the official site and install;
  • Register via your Google acc;
  • Set up the Instagram app inside an emulator;
  • Pass to your account and Direct in-app. 

Now the name Android emulator doesn’t sound scary – this software is clear-cut and manageable. You can also view the content, interact with posts, and view Stories when applying emulator. 

Flume is one of the widely-used analogs to BlueStack that is available on macOS. It doesn’t make any difference, so that you can choose any if your computer is Apple. 

It’s fair enough to reveal some drawbaсks of emulators method too. The issue is emulators don’t work on any computer, especially on obsolete devices. You might be able to download it, but it won’t work smoothly. Thus, you need to update your PC or register via an online service or DM automation tool. The primary advantage of this approach is the possibility to manage your inbox from any computer that has an Internet connection. Yes, this method is not free as the two mentioned above, but it offers extended functionality. Let’s cut the chase and dive into the details. 

How to chat on Instagram and enhance promotion? 

Influencers and businesses prefer Instagram automation tools since they work without additional downloads, updates, and multiple registrations. A typical DM module has in-built analytics, automated DMs, and precise targeting tools. If the following refers to you, Instagram performance will benefit from an automation tool:

  • you are an influencer with an impressive fanbase;
  • your business sells on Instagram;
  • you want to promote an IG account;
  • you work as a community or an SMM-manager;
  • your inbox is always busy. 

No doubt, if you upload pics on Instagram for a close circle of friends and your account is private, paying an automation tool is daunting. But for business and promotion goals, this investment repays from the first day of use. What is advantageous about DM automation tools? 

Chats on your computer. Answering messages from a big screen and typing on a spacious keyboard is 2X faster. You can copy links and send templates swiftly, contrasting to the in-app chat. 

Automated messages. Direct modules suggest you set up auto-DMs. Why might you need it? Let’s say you are an MUA, and clients ask the same questions, or you want to notify about a discount. Automatic messages let you generate a message and send it to specified followers lists. Also, you can greet every new follower making business personal. 

Target messages. Online services have in-built smart algorithms that allow you to reach people regarding their age, geo, and other demographic characteristics. Speak their language to get trusted! 

Sales and promotion boost. A persistent mailing plan connected to your overall marketing strategy will increase client and fan base. Usually, businesses notice the result during the first month of use. 

The choice of an automated DM tool is boundless, new services hopping on the bandwagon every month. Google them and pick the one corresponding to your marketing plan! 


Instagrammers have three time-tested options to chat on Instagram from a computer. The choice will depend on your device, operating system, and the purpose of running Instagram. What are the tools? 

  • Exclusive Instagram app for Windows;
  • Emulators for any other than Windows OS;
  • Online services for all devices. 

Switch to Instagram for a computer – your killer strategy will fast-track and pay off in a flash. 

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November 19, 2019 Instagram DM Online: Can You Private Message from a computer?