How to find Affordable Airport Parking

Several years ago, I use to find a hard time parking at the airport especially since I had to frequently travel between Edinburgh and London. I work in London and my family has lived in Edinburgh. Since my wife is running a thriving business at Edinburgh, she cannot transfer to London together with the kids and leave the business unattended, I, therefore, have to visit them from time to time, more so over the weekends on a weekly basis.

I hate driving for long hours, a six hours drive between London and Edinburgh is not worth my time, especially my family time. Being on the road alone for 6 hours is too much for me to take. I also hate public transport, except for the planes since they are comfy, affordable, and fast to use.

What’s the secret to finding cheap Airport Parking?

Initially, I used to find it hectic parking at the airport. We all know that knowledge is power, and with information at hand, there is so much that you can do to save yourself. It is until late last year that I eavesdropped my friend boasting of how he parks at the airport, jets off and come back to find his BMW Sports X5 intact.

His secret to parking at the airport has been Purple Parking; the company offers airport parking services across different airports all over the UK. Since I learned of this secret, I must boast of the fact that I have enjoyed not only the comfort of my car between the office or home to the London City Airport but a secure parking space from Friday to Monday when I leave for Edinburgh.

Over time, I have also been able to make significant savings out of my airport parking fees, From the very beginning when I learnt of Purple Parking, I have been getting their latest weekly offers of discount promotional codes available from Parking at Airports. These offer up to 15% worth of discounts off the parking fees.

There more than Parking at Purple Parking

Since I learnt of Purple Parking, my life at the various airports across the UK has been swift. Apart from conveniently and safely parking my car, I have also managed to comfortably spend time at their Airport Lounges as well as their hotels.

There are those days that you feel the need for some serious rest and unwinding before departure or on landing. They have got you covered with a variety of 4* and 5* hotels across different airports in the UK. In case you are travelling with family, they also have got the kids well catered for with suitable entertainment, cuisines, and accommodation.

Finally, in case you would wish to hire a car upon reaching your destinations, Purple Parking also offer car hire services not only in the UK but also across different cities in the world. Why not take advantage of their services today to make your travel more peaceful and organised as you enjoy their latest discount promotional codes?


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April 26, 2018 How to find Affordable Airport Parking