Reflection of You and Yourself: Fashion

Fashion is one such thing that is in trend. It specifically refers to clothes, hairstyles, shoes, and various goods. People are very much concerned about their style these days and thus follow the trend of fashion. There are many types of fashion all around the world. India is a country of diverse culture and thus a vast diversity prevails in fashion trends that followed in different parts of the country. People are very particular about Fashion. It has become a rage between the commons. We have witnessed several fashion trends to bloom and fall in the market like a storm. Clothing is especially an orchard that looks at changing fashion trends, after which a large number of people come.

With the changing trend, we must prepare ourselves to be updated. We must check for the latest trend and must make ourselves according to it. AJIO fashion is offering many AJIO deals to compete with this changing arena of fashion. AJIO has many ongoing sales where you can use several best Ajio deals to get in line with fashion.

Everyone in the world has a corner in his heart which is concerned about his look but women are particularly must interested to follow fashion and thus have an eye on the latest fashion trends. Now for the women, Kurtis was in fashion and almost every woman in India could be seen wearing long Kurtis in different designs, patterns, and styles. But the fashion changes and after a few years, the trend of wearing long Kurtis became old and short Kurtis came into life, women immediately switched into the small Kurtis. The fashion also socializes us in society. It gives us a sense of belonging to the same society as everyone is following the same trend and everyone look in the same taste, not odd between them.

In earlier days in India, People were much influenced by Western fashion trends as most of the famous fashion geeks belong to the western countries. But now the world trade has globalized the world and all the major fashion in the World is now concentrated in four major cities of New York, London, Paris, and Milan. These world cities own the hubs of fashion industries. These cities organize fashion competitions where top designers exhibit their designs. In India, Fashion is mainly based on the entertainment industry. Many Bollywood actors are looked up as fashion icons. The entertainment industry of India like Bollywood has introduced many new dressings, makeup, etc in India. It also affects the mainstream fashion trends in India. India is the home to many world famous designers including Ritu Kumar, Sabhya Sachi, Ritu Beri, Manish Malhotra, and Tarun Tahiliani.

Apart from these fashion trends, Indian dressing is also influenced by culture. While Sarees, Salwar Suits, Kurta Pajamas are preferred by North Indians, Lugadi is preferred in Maharashtra. India is a land rich in tradition and culture, which has seen a variety of trends. Basic fashion in India changes with the cultural and religious values of people. The fashion of a place gives us an idea about its history. During the British era, the richer segment of the society was strongly influenced by the British Fashion trends and those western clothes were the symbol of status in British India. The same trend can still be seen in India which clearly is a reflection of its past.

Fashion has become the need of everyone. Fashion is not just limited to youth, middle-aged are equally conscious about the latest trends. It not only enables you to be confident but also helps to maintain dignity and respect in society. Our society has transformed into a fashionable and trendy one. Rugged Jeans, Sleeveless shirts, ripped Jackets; weird hair color doesn’t bother anyone now. But even a rain jacket is something you can’t be missing in your wardrobe.

Being fashionable is the key to success nowadays. A fashionable person has his own special reputation in the society while an old fashioned person is still criticized. This can be right or wrong but fashion is good and necessary in many ways with some bad effects. Fashion is many times person oriented. We must ensure that the fashion we are adopting suits us or not. This is key for looking trendy and fashionable.

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May 13, 2019 Reflection of You and Yourself: Fashion