What Does The Future Hold For Online Slots?

Slots were invented back in 1895 and even then they took the world by storm. What history has taught us about slot games is that they are here to stay. These Fluffy slots games have survived huge challenging times in history and come out more popular than ever.

In the early 1900s gambling was banned and this should have spelt the end for slot machines, but instead those who created these gaming platforms decided to disguise them as fruit machines and vending machines that gave out non-cash prizes. This disguise helped slots ride gambling bans and when it was safe to do so, they returned to being forms of gambling entertainment. 

Landmark Moments 

Away from the actual invention of slots, other important developments that shaped the success of modern day slots include the introduction of the first electrical slot in 1963 and the introduction of the video slot in the 1970s. Slots steadily improved in the 1980s but it is the year 1996 that will always be remembered in the history of modern slots. 1996 is as important as the year slots were invented. In fact, it can be argued that the 1990s gave birth to a new slot invention. 1996 was the year that online casinos became a reality and these online entities first offered only traditional table games. However, in the same year the virtual video slot was invented and complimented online casinos greatly. Both became huge hits and the survival of slots in a new digital world was guaranteed, as they proved even more popular than their physical slot machine cousins. Slots now are the biggest revenue creators in the gambling industry and almost £2 billion is attributed to online slots alone. Slots continue to evolve and this has proved important to their appeal. Slots now base themselves on hit movies and TV shows and many slots are based on video games too. This has helped attract young gamers to the slots world. If punters thought that slots were becoming stale because they have stuck to formats that have been around for years, then Megaways slots have breathed new life into them. Slots have become victims of their own success and this has led to a spike in cases of gambling addiction that has given the industry a lot of unwanted attention. Bad headlines have forced the government to make changes to gambling laws and if the maximum betting limits are drastically reduced, then this could have a devastating effect on the industry. 

Future Prospects 

The threat of new government laws hitting the revenue of slots is a cloud that will continually hover over the industry and over all those individuals that work within it. If slots revenue is dramatically slashed, then the true future potential of online video slots may not be allowed to flourish. Expensive new developments such as VR and 3D fully interactive and immersive slots games may never see the light of day and the future of slots may well be put on hold for years to come.

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January 18, 2021 What Does The Future Hold For Online Slots?