4 Cost-Effective Bathroom Updates

Homeownership comes with a multitude of responsibilities and decisions. From exterior paint colors to interior upgrades, you may be wondering which home updates offer the most “bang for your buck.” Some remodeling projects, like in the bathroom or kitchen, are more effective than others.

While you may not have a large amount of money for doing a bathroom upgrade, with a few careful considerations, you can be boosting your home’s value. Not to mention, with the bathroom and kitchen being the biggest deal breakers for most home buyers, upgrading that bathroom could earn you a few thousand in the sale. Included here are a few bathroom updates that are cost-effective.

Tile Less

The appeal of bathroom tile has been around for decades. Whether you enjoy basic square tiles or complicated mosaic, tile installation can get expensive! One way to save money on this project is by simply limiting the space you cover in tile. Additionally, you can lay the tile yourself, which can save you significant amounts in contractor bills.

To add interest to the bathroom, consider creating your own mosaics on the shower wall or above the sink. Building supply closeout stores should have selections of unmatched or partially broken tiles for an affordable amount that can easily be turned into beautiful handmade mosaics.

Cut Corners on Counters

With granite being one of the most popular tile materials, it is easy to see why bathroom remodels can get so expensive. Fortunately, many suppliers will sell granite with imperfections or flaws for much cheaper than other pieces. By measuring these pieces of granite, you can determine if those imperfections are located where the sink cut out will be. If so, you can save hundreds on your granite while removing the imperfections!

Pep It Up With Paint

Perhaps the cheapest option for refreshing your bathroom look can be found in doing a simple paint job. Paint is a fairly affordable tool, and the bathroom is small enough to use only a minimal amount. Unfortunately, painting the bathroom is going to be time consuming, due to all of the hardware and items that are around the walls.

Remember to take your time while painting the bathroom and avoid sloppiness. Always choose a high quality paint for the bathroom that has a satin finish to repel moisture and mold. You should also take time to repaint the ceiling with a waterproof, bath-friendly paint as well.

Finish Up With Fixtures

Next to paint, updating your fixtures and hardware can be an incredibly cost-effective option. Stores like Habitat for Humanity will have old fixtures removed from houses that will be much cheaper than if you were to buy them new. Updated light fixtures, cabinet handles, drawer knobs and even a wall mount sink can have your bathroom looking refreshed in no time!

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March 22, 2016 4 Cost-Effective Bathroom Updates