How Market Your Real Estate Property Online for a Quick Sale


When it’s time to sell your property and move on, a quick sale is almost always best. However, the market still hasn’t fully recovered from the slump eight years ago, and it’s not always easy to get what you need out of your house in a timely manner.

There are many ways to market a home, but if you want maximum exposure and a quick sale, going the online route is your best move. It’s true that only a great home and a good real estate agent can sell a home, but here are some online marketing tips that will make your phone ring.

Price It Right

First of all, come up with a reasonable and accurate listing price. Buyers today are fairly well informed on real estate prices. They’ll know if you try to hike up the price, and if you get any offers at all, it likely won’t happen for a while. If you’re looking for a quick sale, you might consider putting the list price at closer to 10-15 percent below the actual price. You might not get as much out of it, but you’ll move the property quickly.

This is particularly important for marketing your property online. It’s assumed that you’ll use online listing sites where consumers can compare same-neighborhood properties side-by-side, looking specifically at prices and features. If you choose to list yours a little lower for a quick sale, that’s something that will stand out to buyers.

Stage It Inside and Out

If you’re marketing the property online, it has to look good. Research shows that those who stage their homes before showing or marketing them sell 43 percent faster and get more out of the asking price than those who leave their homes as is. Hire a professional stager to bring in furniture and décor, and touch up the exterior of the home with fresh paint and landscaping.

Post Professional Listing Photos

Once the property is staged and looks lovely, have a professional take high quality photos of the property. If you’re looking for a quick home sale, never take the photos yourself. You don’t have the expertise to know the best angles and the best lighting to make the home look as appealing as possible.

Try Uploading a Video

Virtual tours of the home and neighborhood are gaining more and more popularity in real estate. It’s particularly attractive for online marketing, since it simulates the experience of walking through a home. Buyers love this. Again, go with a professional on this one to get the best quality video possible.

Get on Facebook

Now that you have all of your marketing material, take to social media to share it with others. Facebook has more than a billion users, and it’s amazing how quickly word about a great house can spread from your friends and family to their friends and family, and so on.
It’s also a good platform for advertising. Facebook has targeted, local advertising options that make it easy to promote a property to those nearby.

Advertise an Open-House Party

Hosting a party with catered food, music, and prizes, is another way to get a quick home sale. Advertise this party on social media, through email advertising, on your online listing pages, and anywhere else your property is listed. You’ll attract people from all over the neighborhood, and who knows – maybe you’ll receive an offer that night.

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March 23, 2016 How Market Your Real Estate Property Online for a Quick Sale