What Type of House Has Privacy Benefits?


If you are the type of person who wants to work hard and play hard, then at the end of the day (or week) you just need to unwind. However, if you are stuck in the middle of the noise and the action all of the time and you never have an actual chance to get away, then how are you expected to ever get any rest and relaxation? The best type of property to consider living in would be a used detached house with DDProperty, and if you read over the following you can easily see just some of the benefits why.

Nothing Shared

While an apartment is great for its own reasons, the truth of the matter is an apartment can also have a lot of drawbacks. For starters, you might be only a few feet from your neighbors at any given time. In fact, if the homes are designed to be mirror images of each other, and assuming that both you are your neighbor are on a similar schedule, then before you know it you could be hearing them all of the time. When you go to take a shower, you hear their water running as well. If you sit down in the evening to relax, then they could have their television on (and it could be loud) as well. The point isn’t that apartments are terrible, but rather that it is very hard to feel like you are getting peace and quiet when you are always able to hear someone else.

It isn’t just the fact that you always have someone right on the other side, it’s that what they do can affect you as well. If they use up all of the hot water, then if you share the same water system you may have cold showers. If they have a party, then you are going to hear the whole party. And, if you wind up dealing with your neighbor on a daily basis, then it can be hard to even relax on your own without them coming over to say hi and take up your time with small talk. It may not all be terrible, but the fact is everything is shared with neighbors in apartment complexes.

Land and Lot Privacy

If you have your own detached home, then you are truly able to get away and feel away from your neighbors. With fences and shrubs, you can actually separate out your entire yard, and you might be able to go into your backyard and not even see any neighbors either. The point isn’t to ignore society and become a shut-in, but if you are the one paying for your home then you don’t necessarily want everyone to be able to see what you are doing or even to invite themselves into your yard at any given point.

Taking this one step further, you also need to protect yourself from liability and not just from a relaxation point of view. If you have neighbors with children and those children happen to be rambunctious or just a bit free spirited, then you could easily see how liabilities could occur if they were to venture into your yard. A shared yard in an apartment community means anything that you have could be seen as a way to tie you into a faulty situation. However, owning a private backyard helps to fix that because if children aren’t even able to come into your yard then how are they going to get hurt in it?

Parking Spaces

If you have ever bought a nice car or you happen to spend a considerable amount of time taking care of your car, then you already know the headache that comes along with having a claim occur. When you share a parking lot with others then things can easily happen. Part of the benefit of owning your own home and having a private detached house is that you also have your own driveway where no other cars are present.

You never have to worry about an auto claim or a dent in the door from a random neighbor if you are able to park your own vehicle in your own spot. It may seem like a small perk, but if you consider the clutter, hassle, and general mess that some neighbors in apartment complexes can create, having an entire space out front where you know your things won’t be messed with is a major benefit.

No Pollution

One significant thing that you can’t be guaranteed if you live in apartment or a housing unit with multiple occupants is pollution. This can include noise pollution from the sense that you can always hear someone else in the next wall over, but it also includes everything else. Pollution can be the smell of cigarettes and smoke if your neighbor has a bad habit. And, if you share an HVAC system with them or even share common walls, their use of smokingproducts can actually come right into your home through the ventilation. Do you really want to have a house that smells every time the heat or the air kicks on?

The case for living on your own has a lot of positive points of view by itself. However, when you consider all of the different possibilities that can occur when you are stuck living next to someone else (or multiple people), then it is easy to see the best way to guarantee your own privacy is to simply find a used detached house to make your own.

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June 10, 2016 What Type of House Has Privacy Benefits?