Realize Pairs Trading with New Trading Tool GeWorko Method

Forex spread trading has become one of the most popular methods of trading in the Forex market today. Despite this, a lot of traders are not using the technique correctly. Thereby, their investments end up meeting a failure. If you would like to make profits out of the strategy, you should use it correctly. Here is what you should know about Forex spread trading.

Forex spread trading

Spread trading is a part of pairs trading and using this technique will help Forex traders to speculate on the way in which the pairs move. After this, an order would be placed on whether the prices would go up or down. As a matter of fact, the secret of success in the Forex market lies in the investment in currencies that have a big difference in value. When they use the spread trading method, they would be able to successfully make more profits.


Know the technique well

Traders, who would like to join trading Forex spreads, should know the basics extremely well before they can begin meddling in this field. While using this method, trading spreads have managed to make people make profits in whatever transactions they have made. However, it is more complicated than any of the other techniques. This method of trading is based on different currencies of different values rather than a single currency. Obviously, the currencies that are used by rich countries are considered to be more valuable by others than those that have lesser value. If you would like to be successful while using the spreads technique, you should consider pairing a currency of high value with that which has a lesser value.

Realize Pairs Trading with New Trading Tool GeWorko Method

This tool is of real help for spread traders. GeWorko Method is a new technique implemented on NetTradeX trading terminal that allows creating instruments from the available financial assets. It is an innovative approach to study relativeness of two portfolios. So what opens up this technique for spread traders is the following: there is no need to spend much time on analyzing the necessary data of the instruments, it is easy to do with GeWorko. The charts are automatically derived after creating an instrument and it is easy to make analysis which is necessary in trading. This instrument is recommended for especially those investors that are prone to exploring new instruments and go beyond traditional trading.


More accessible than any other technique

Spread trading is much more accessible to private traders than other techniques. Furthermore, the money earned by using this technique is free from taxes such as capital gains taxes, which is a good thing since it would otherwise add to the expenses of trading. A standard market size of a future that belongs to FTSE would be worth at least ten pounds. However, you can go as low as GBP 0.60 with the spread trading technique. Most traders think that this strategy of trading is extremely risky. However, it will not help them to steer clear completely of currencies that are not doing well.



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October 19, 2015 Realize Pairs Trading with New Trading Tool GeWorko Method