5 Tactics to Compare Small Business Loans

Has the time come to compare small business loans? Have you come to the conclusion that you need to do this in order to make the right decision on behalf of your company? Are you concerned that you could go down the wrong path, costing you both time and money?

There are many ways to compare small business loans, so you should take your time when doing so. Even if you are in a hurry to secure funding, it doesn’t mean you want to get ahead of yourself in regards to learning more about each option.

For instance, you may find that you want to learn more about loans backed by the Small Business Administration.

With each bit of information you collect, you’ll find it much easier to better understand your situation and the products that are available to you.

Now that we’re on the right track, it’s time to learn what it takes to compare small business loans. Although everyone will take a different approach, here are some of the details to focus on:

  1. Maximum Loan Amount

This may not be important to you if you only need a few thousand dollars, but it will definitely come into play if you’re looking to borrow a larger amount of money, such as six or seven figures.

The maximum loan amount varies from one lender and loan product to the next, so you need to have an idea in mind of how much cash you require.

  1. Loan Term

As you begin your search, you need to think long and hard about how long you want to take to pay back the money.

If you don’t want the loan weighing you down for too long, opt for a shorter term, such as five years.

However, if you want to secure the lowest possible monthly payment, you’ll want to opt for a loan term of 15 to 25 years.

Ask your lender to break down your monthly payment based on a variety of terms. This will give you a better idea of what will work for your budget.

  1. Interest Rate

It would be nice if you could secure a zero percent interest business loan, but that’s not something you should expect to find. These simply don’t exist.

The interest rate is extremely important, as this will have a big impact on your monthly payment.

Your goal is to find the perfect loan at the lowest possible rate. Doing so may mean comparing several products from several lenders.

Yes, it will take some time to seek out the lowest rate, but it’s well worth it in the end.

  1. Speed

Are you in a hurry to get your hands on the funds from your loan? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to push the process forward in a fast and efficient manner?

Find a lender that is able to move quickly, such as providing a decision on your application within three weeks.

Tip: if you want to move things along, don’t hesitate to provide the lender with the information they require.

  1. Comfort Level

It goes without saying that you may have a higher level of comfort with one product over the rest. The same holds true for specific lenders.

You always want to go with the product and lender that makes you feel good about your decision. This will give you peace of mind upfront, as well as confidence that you are making the right decision.

You won’t know what type of loan and lender best suits you until you compare your options. So, once again, you need to go down this path.


These are just a few of the many things you should think about when comparing small business loans.

If you are unable to make a decision, you may want to take some time away from this to clear your mind.

What are your thoughts on securing a small business loan? Have you done this in the past? Did you make any mistakes along the way, or did everything work out as planned? Share your past experiences and tips for success in the comment section below. You can help other business owners choose the right loan for them.

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November 1, 2017 5 Tactics to Compare Small Business Loans