How to Prepare Yourself to Apply for a Business Loan

Are you thinking about applying for a business loan? Are you interested in doing so in the near future? Are you wondering what it will take to prepare yourself for the process?

There is a lot to think about as you prepare yourself to apply for a business loan. This is a big financial decision, so you don’t want to go down the wrong path.

Fortunately, once you know what to expect, you can prepare yourself for anything that could come your way.

Learning how to apply for business loans often comes down to one thing: experience.

Even so, we’re here to provide you with some additional information. Here are five tips to keep in mind as you prepare yourself:

1. Compare Loan Products

You don’t want to secure the first business loan you come across. Instead, you need to compare all your options, as that’s the only way to know for sure that you’re making the right decision.

There are many ways to compare loan products, but using the internet is the best place to start.

For example, you could spend some time on the SBA website. You can also visit the website of individual lenders.

As you compare loan products, make a list of pros and cons associated with each one. This will give you something to reference as you attempt to make a final decision.

Protip: Use an sba loan calculator to determine what your monthly payment and payback amount would be.

2. Compare Lenders

Just because two lenders offer the same products doesn’t mean they are exactly the same.

For example, one lender may have a lower interest rate than the rest for a term loan. If all else is equal, it goes without saying that you’ll want to do business with the lender with the lowest rate.

Make a list of criteria that you’re seeking in a lender. This will help you decide which ones to put on your short list, and which ones you’re better off passing over for the time being.

3. Collect Everything You Need

There is more to securing a business loan than finding a lender and requesting money. You’re required to submit a variety of information, ranging from an application to tax statements and much more.

The best thing you can do is make a list of everything you need. With this in hand, you’ll never find yourself behind the eight ball as the process gets up and running.

Tip: once you choose a lender, ask them what you’ll need in order to complete the application process. This can give you a head start on the action.

4. Don’t Delay

If you’re going to apply for a business loan, make sure you’re ready to take on anything and everything that comes your way.

For instance, if the lender requests additional information, don’t delay in getting it to them.

You’re only going to slow down the process if you put it on the backburner. When you act quickly, everything will move forward at a reasonable pace – and that’s exactly what you’re hoping for.

5. Be Patient and Stay in Touch

Upfront, ask the lender how long (on average) it will take to receive a response. This will give you a clear idea of when you should receive an answer.

Although you’re excited about securing the funds you’ve applied for, you need to exercise some patience. Don’t be surprised if it takes the lender several weeks to get back with you.

Tip: there is nothing wrong with staying in touch with the lender, checking in once a week to see if they need anything else from you.

Final Thoughts

These are the types of steps you can take to prepare yourself to apply for a business loan. You may have to take other steps along the way, but these five should put you in position to work through the process in an efficient and effective manner.

Yes, it can be a bit of work to apply for a loan, but it’s well worth it in the end.

Do you have any experience applying for a business loan? Do you know what it takes to move through the process with the least amount of stress possible? Share your personal tips in the comment section below. Your advice can help other business owners make more confident decisions when applying for a loan.



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January 25, 2018 How to Prepare Yourself to Apply for a Business Loan