Quit Smoking with Snus

Cigarettes cost a lot of money and are very harmful to your health. If you are an addict, using snus can be your solution. This form of tobacco is widely used in Norway and Sweden, and it has been noted to be a lot less dangerous than cigarettes. It is actually smokeless, so there is no risk of lung cancer. Sweden currently has the lowest number of deaths related to cigarette smoking, and this is because a huge proportion of their adult population switched from cigarettes to snus many years ago.

What is Snus?

Snus is a smokeless powder that is placed under the lips. You don’t have to smoke it or spit. This form of tobacco has a higher amount of nicotine, and that is why smokers find it easy to quit smoking. In Sweden, snus has been a lot more successful than the nicotine gum, patch and other tools designed to help people quit smoking.

Snus is much older than many of these tools. It first grew popular in Europe in the 18th century. Presently, it is banned in many European countries. Getting it in countries like Norway is also a challenge. If you want to try this form of tobacco, you should consider ordering it from SnusDirect.com. The company delivers all around the world, and since there is no intermediary involved, you will get your products at a very low price.

When switching to snus, you should consider the different flavours and brands available. Getting one in your favourite flavour will ease the transition from smoking cigarettes. Local stores may have a limited number of brands and flavours, but you are sure to get almost all the available types on the internet. To make sure your products arrive quickly, you should create an account on the site after making your first order.

Is Snus Healthy?

Granted, snus is not the healthiest product you can consume. However, if you are addicted to tobacco, you will be better off using this powder. Smoking cigarettes will harm your throat, lungs, and many other organs. As noted, fewer people in Sweden are dying because of tobacco smoking. This is primarily because more tobacco users opt for this smokeless tobacco. If you are not a cigarette smoker, then there is no need to use this product.


Although snus contains high amounts of nicotine, it is still healthier and cheaper than cigarettes. It comes in different flavours and brands. If you addicted to tobacco, you should consider switching to this product.

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January 7, 2019 Quit Smoking with Snus